Russia Promoted Black Lives Matter On Facebook To Help Donald Trump? 🤔

4년 전

The Washington Post is reporting that Russia used Facebook ads that promoted Black Lives Matter, and Clinton’s support for Muslims in an effort to stir up Trump’s support. This claim is completely ludicrous. Russia has always been on the left side of politics. Russia Today, their state sponsored news channel has promoted Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and general socialism for years.

These Facebook ads actually delegitimize claims that Russia was meddling to get Trump elected and open up the possibility that they were helping Hillary Clinton win. Does anyone think for a second that Trump’s campaign consented to promoting BLM on Facebook? And now CNN is trying to make a big deal over how they targeted those ads. Russia isn't retarded and wouldn't need help with that. For all we know now, Russia might as well have been in bed with Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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