77,000 Jailed In Turkey Since The Failed Coup In 2016

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According to a report from Reuters 100 Turkish Soldiers were arrested in Turkey this week for  their alleged ties to Fethullah Gulen who President Tayyip Erdogan of  Turkey accuses of orchestrating a coup in 2016 that failed and left 70 people dead on the streets of Turkey. Since the failed coup President Erdogan has run an intelligence dragnet throughout the country weeding out any dissident that shows any inkling of having connections to Fethullah Gulen.  

Three years after the failed coup attempt in Turkey Erdogan is still arresting people who have any  contact with Fethullah Gulen. There are 77,000 still locked up in  Turkish prisons following the post-coup purge.  Erdogan shut down over 200 media organizations in television, print,  and online, the Turkish government detained 143 journalists and media  professionals. 58 Generals and 629 senior officers were convicted and  sentenced to life for their alleged involvement in the 2016 coup.  

10 Turkish Parliment Members including Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yuksekdag who co-chaired the Kurdish Political Party were both imprisoned on ramped up terror charges for their imaginary links to Kurdish  Militants. Enis Berberoglu a Republican People’s Party Parliament Member  from the opposition party in Turkey is in jail for charges of espionage when he leaked images to the media of Turkey’s intelligence agency MIT Trucking weapons into Syria.  

This recent move by Turkey proves that they are still actively purging dissidents and the arrest of 100 Turkish soldiers this week for pay phone calls they were  allegedly using to communicate with Fethullah Gulen. President Erdogan’s  paranoia of a Muslim cleric in the United States is no excuse for  imprisoning 77,000 people it makes Erdogan look like a scared,  schizophrenic weak-minded lion swatting aimlessly at enemies that don’t  exist. Erdogan is nothing less than a cowardly tyrant hypnotized by  daydreams of the old Ottoman Empire and unobtainable promises made by  his Western puppeteers.  

Turkey is a member of NATO and an ‘ally’ of the United States, where  are the talking heads on Legacy Media? Where are the hyperbolic comments  that Erdogan is a dictator? Why hasn’t Christianne Amanpour asked  Tayyip Erdogan if he’s ready for ‘regime change’ as she did with Assad  in the 2012 prime-time interview on CNN? The United States will always  prop up dictators they can control and overthrow dictators they can’t control. 

Written by Joziah Thayer – Please Follow me on Twitter  @ Dapeaple - You can find more of my content here.

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