Hillary Clinton Is a National Emergency

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Hillary Clinton Is a National Emergency

Every day she walks free is another day without justice in America.


Just me, or is it completely and utterly unbearable to see the neoliberal word vomit spewing on Crooked Hillary Clinton’s social media by now?

It’s not even signed with an “-H”, so whatever ghouls are running her account at this point aren’t even pretending it’s her anymore, but just look at the flaming dumpster fire of globalist agitprop that is her recent tweet criticizing the National Emergency Trump declared our southern border.

She legitimately managed to wrap all the Soros-approved globalist takeover policies into a single pithy tweet. Once you spit out the bile that came up reading it, it really makes your skin crawl. Not only does one of the most corrupt fugitives on God’s creation want Americans to give up any remaining liberty they may have, no. She considers prioritizing gun seizures, opening our borders, and giving government control of Americans’ planet and health so urgent that they constitute national emergencies. Ostensibly ones greater than the one she herself poses.

She can’t possibly think Americans have forgiven or forgotten, have they? Not even considering the decades of organized crime she subjected America to before Obama’s term, she still has yet to be held accountable for her foundation’s pay to play, her illegal uranium sale to Russia, her rigged primary, or her $84 million dollar DNC money laundering scheme. Oh, and then there’s her ties to human trafficking, work with Huawei to help Iran evade U.N. and U.S. sanctions, and her involvement in funding the Steele dossier as part of a domestic coup. Did I mention Benghazi, or broader Libya? Or the Russian collusion, and I mean hers? I could go on. I’d rather not.

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Until Clinton faces a reckoning for her decades-long crime spree as a “public servant” that lands her in a cell with no key, America will continue to be plagued by a two-tiered justice system. Average Americans across the country would be locked up if they so much as began to conspire to commit the crimes she has. She and every Deep State swamp creature in her orbit need to be in front of military tribunals for their failed coup against the American people, and sooner rather than later. These are not politicians, these are mobsters. And that’s putting it lightly.

Good thing is, the walls have been closing in since Trump took office. DC is in a panic watching Spygate bleed out, knowing full well FISA declassification will lead to arrests. Trump called it “treason” again. He’s right to. It is.

America’s current President has two years of accomplishments to show he gets results — and revenge. He has one most important promise left to deliver.

Until then, it’s not hyperbole to say it: Hillary Clinton is a national emergency. ∎

Shortly after this article was published on Medium on February 19, 2019, Medium permanently suspended my blog for violating its "Trust and Safety" standards. I am an independent writer, activist, and everyday American based in Seattle, Washington. If you enjoyed this, please upvote it, share it with your networks, and/or donate to my paypal.

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Absolutely spot on.