Share and Save These Clinton-Obama Corruption Flash Cards

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In alphabetical order, by scandal.*

Antifa | Awan Brothers | Black Lives Matter | Deep State | Disrupt J20 | Extrajudicial Killing | Fast & Furious | Indivisible | Insurgent Shield | Iran Ransom | Martyr Transfer | Montgomery Files | Obama Slush Fund | Obamacare Backdoor | Organizing for America (OFA) | Tarp Heist | Trump Tower Wiretap | Uranium One | Vault 7: Year Zero, Dark Matter, Marble Framework, Grasshopper | Weaponized IRS | Wiretapping the Press

*Note: These do not include all Obama-Clinton scandals, there are far too many to count; however, these are helpful resources as #TheStorm carries us further into #TheGreatAwakening. Save & share for reference.


Awan Intel Leak.jpg


Deep State.jpg

Disrupt J20.jpg

Extrajudicial Killing.jpg

Fast and Furious.jpg

Project Indivisible.jpg

Insurgent Shield.jpg

Iran Ransom.jpg

Martyr Transfer.jpg

Montgomery Files.jpg

Obama Slush Fund.jpg

OBamacare Backdoor.jpg


Vault 7p6.jpg

Trump Tower Tap.jpg

Uranium One.jpg

Vault 7p1.jpg

Vault 7p2.jpg

Vault 7p3.jpg

Vault 7p4.jpg

Vault 7p5.jpg

Weaponized IRS.jpg

Wiretap the Press.jpg

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