24 Hours/Day is Not Enough For Me. [Thoughts Of My Mind].

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Hello Steemians,

I hope you're having a great day.

I'm gonna share a thought of my mind in this post.
Thanks to @udezee for talking about this topic.

Note: I'm only gonna share some of my personal thoughts and opinions.

24 Hours/Day.


Let me tell you my daily routine at first.

From where should I start?
Before sleep or after I wake up?

Let's start with the new day.

At around 8 am: I leave my bed (need to) and I gets too sleepy and lazy at that time.
My office starts at 9:30 am.
I get freshen up, prepare my lunch and put it into lunch box.
Then I get ready and I leave my place at around 9:00 to 9:15 am.
Sometime I gets to my office at around 9:30 and sometimes I'm late.

Then I start my office tasks.

At around 1 pm: I take a shower, do my prayer and then I eat my lunch.
It takes around 1 to 1.5 hour.

Then again I start working.
Sometime when I don't have any tasks to do... I try to give some time to steem blockchain and to some discord communities.

Sometime I feel so sleepy at my office and sometime I take a nap on my chair.

At that time... A question circle around my mind "When I'll go to my place and sleep?"
It's just like below photo.


At around 7 pm to 8 pm: I leave my office and I reach my place after around half an hour of bus journey.
Then I go to sleep.
No no hold on.
I don't go to sleep after I reach home.

I need to prepare my dinner.

I always tried and think to go to sleep early but I can't do that somehow.
I go to the dreamland normally after 2 am.
Why delay?
I need to give time to my girl friend over phone, try to give a little time to steem blockchain, try to communicate with different communities and friends.

As a result...
I can't get enough time for sleep and I can't use my creativity anywhere for this short time and daily routine.


Time flies.
Time goes like this.

And I only get 24 hours per day.

When it's 24:00/12:00 am it's like the deadline.



Sometime I feel so boring about this life.
At one hand... life is so short.
And here I can't find free time for myself.
Doing the same s*** routine wise... it sucks.
It's like I'm stuck in the time.



So... Let's get to the point.

About my thought...
About my opinion...
About this post...

I know some might think me crazy/mad after I say this.
But I really need more than 24 hours.
Like 48 hours/day.

I need...


Yeah I need time for change.
More time, enough time.

What if I could get 48 hours/day and everything goes the same.
I mean other timing won't change but I'll get 48 hours for a day.
That means I'll have 24 hours more to...

  • To think
  • To sleep
  • To show my creativity to the world
  • To give some time myself.


I could get over on lot's of thing then.
If I could get 48 hours/day then I'd...

  • Sleep for a long time.
  • Give much time to my girl friend as she always does think I'm not giving her time.
  • Do exercise everyday.
  • Meet with friends and family (so-called).
  • Give more time to steem blockchain.
  • Give time on other places where I needed to.
    etc etc etc.

I know it sounds totally crazy.
But if you just think like me for a bit then you'd know how amazing that'd be.

Although I think I'd want more times If I could even get 48 hours/day, LOL.

At last.
I know I'll not get it as it's not in our hands.
I know this will a dream only.

Do you know what's the real thing?
It's like the below photo.


We get tired running after

  • Time
  • Career
  • Money and
  • Other things.

Then we get old and we wait for our last time.

An old man might have enough money and time but he/she doesn't have the energy or wish to do what a young one cherish.

So yeah I was talking crazy throughout the whole post.
Now read and think carefully what I'm going to say now.
Life is for once... it will end when you die (I know you know that).

and 24 hours is not a very short time.
We just need to use the best of it.

Human can do anything... we have that power deep inside.
We just need to search for it.
Keep searching and you'll find it tomorrow or the following day.

We don't need 48 hours to achieve out goal.
24 hours is enough actually.
We just need to think clearly and positively.

Life Is Beautiful.

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I hope this post will be loved by all.
Gave a long time over this post.

Writing quality content is not that easy I understand that and I'm trying my best to keep up.
Any suggestion/support will be more than appreciated.

Thanks for reading the post with your valuable time.

"About Me"


I'm a Writer (I write poems+short stories), Traveler (I travel whenever I get free times and resources as it's a part of my life actually), Photographer (I love it too much) and Designer (Currently I'm the lead designer of a private company).

As a steemian...

I'm a curator of @onelovedtube, @helpie, moderator of @actifit and support member of @steemitbd.

Yeah I 'm trying to be a successful steemian.

I am available at discord...

My Discord ID: ashikstd#5058

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"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"

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This was beautiful. I'm happy I inspired this post. Sometimes 24 hours is not enough but we just gotten utilize the 24 hours allocated in a day to the best we can.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and endeavours on this one.