Real storytelling, downvotes or non-votes on #newsteem

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This is not Steemit once was. Changes are good if they are constructive and productive.
This massive downvotes are counterproductive in my opinion. Members like @slowwalker posts are nullified.
In my opinion it is shallow approach to vote/not solution.
First they send computer kids to downvote, than they send zero quality bloggers against your posts. After that they send people who don't have clue what to do on steemit with comment or zero sense comment.
Now they try to tell you what and whomever you are allowed to vote or not.
Also they try to tell you they are only ones to recognize good vs bad posts. Seriously???
I hope that platform will attract more quality for #futuresteem. The way how this looks I think platform is way off course.
I will remind all what brought us here.
This is what brought me here.



This is what I have learned the day other from @slowwalker post:

"One thing we think is the way of newsteem movement.
If we force someone to stop writing blogs for the reward with mass downvote,
it is not different from the strongest censorship, in my guess.

I had joined Steemit 3 years ago for the vision of no-censorship blog.

Anyway, I'd like to continue my blog on my culture and history, if you permit." Now this whale member in my opinion is downpowering his steempower because of massive abusive downvotes to his posts.

I hope they solve in software setups of votes and downvotes to make a reasonable use of vote rewards or not.

I believe in Steemit platform. I am small time blogger but I try to follow good positive changes. My small contribute is art images to my followers.
Steem on.

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20191103_105146.jpg beautiful sunny day in California


Lets hope sunny days will come in Steemit again...


It will , I believe in Steemit mission

Good and real point. I believe there are better solutions, I've written a lot about it and I know many have heard me. There will come a time when Steem will be the perfect place for bloggers, new users, businessmen and investors. This is just a chance to pass, there are many smart and capable people who will do great things for all Steemians.


Thank you.
i will reward you with nice picture


They are censoring my votes for your posts. They downvoted my votes to your quality post.I can at least reward you with nice California sunset picture.

nice post but for all of us steemit suppose to be like a good platform because we all put money in the platform ,the worse thing you don't really make no money in the platform but no need to stress people about their post ,

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I think some of the downvotes Slowwalker is getting is to counter Haejin/Ranchorelaxo - the downvotes increased since Haejin started using his blog to mine rewards. I see you're a big Haejin supporter. That may be one of your problems too.


Haejin and ranchorelaxo dont make a posts long time ago, what is the problem with that?


I think he's made so many enemies now that even if he posts something valuable, it will get flagged to hell haha. As long as he doesn't post, he can't be flagged. That's probably why.


Consorhip rules ....


It's not censorship though. You can't censor someone on the Steem blockchain.

Excellent and very transparent post .
Voted 100 %


Thank you .
One nice picture as welcome


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