#NewSteem - Great News for Video Creators, Photographers, Writers, Newspapers, Bloggers & many more of you!

9개월 전

Content Creators, Musicians, Actors, Writers, Bloggers, Newspapers, I have GREAT news for you today!

3 Year and 5 months of continuous improvements and a horde of development has resulted in a brand #NewSteem

check it out for yourself at https://SteemPeak.com or talk with us on discord at https://SteemSpeak.com - You will be thrilled!

Share this video with EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE - Make people know that STEEM has become refurbished, renewed and absolutely worth peoples time and efforts!

@fyrstikken / @fyrst-witness

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Thank you so much and this is what we need to hear. Thank you, Steemit is back.

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Flagged for stacking bot votes and deciding yourself what should be trending..

"A trending topic is often something that is hot news/conversation within the general public. Something that everyone is talking about, and everyone is sharing their views on."

You decided for everyone on Steem that this is something worth talking about.

Your video was deemed too low of effort for such a payout along with breaking proof of brain.


You can make nothing with 200$ payouts.


Do you see that steem price curve? :)) Keep driving people aways.

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 10.58.28 PM.png

Exciting times for Cryptos, and especially Steem ahead!
I think the main improvement is the addition of all these sisters chains called Tribes.
My only extra desire though would be to be able to add as many tags as we want in order to be able to cover all the Tribes that we want and our article fits in.

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People would spam too much

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Thank you for the info 👍

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Wooooooooohooo #newsteem

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Okay video, but flagging for over-rewards, because it would be hypocritical for me to not do so.


You think there is reward?

Reward - Cost = ???

Screenshot 2019-09-03 09.34.14.png

And what about this?

Screenshot 2019-09-03 09.39.15.png

Tell us, what have you paid to promote this blockchain?
What are you planning to spend to promote this blockchain?

You think there is reward?

Do you even think deep about things?

Someone is paying out of their own pocket to make
#NewSteem known around the world, and this is
what you do?

What a reward!

What a great STEEM user you are, @joshman / @josepimpo

Maybe we all should power down and sell so you can run things
the right way, according to your own all knowing wisdom and

@whatsup - this guy needs to be showered in #drama tokens.
Fill up his jacuzzi.


No need to self-vote these comments like that. If you need things to do when you reach 100% then go find some under-valued post and give that author a sick experience when you suddenly got a real boost.


Fyrstikken, at times, you can be one hell of a good entertainer. I'm not being sarcastic. I've personally enjoyed some of your work.

It's great you feel the need to advertise. Advertising outside is beneficial, advertising inside is only telling all of us here everything we already know. I looked at the video and as of this writing saw 187 views. I looked at the comments there and majority came from members of this community.

I hope your video helps, eventually, and over time. It certainly doesn't hurt. When these people come here, they will want to see something else other than MORE advertisements for the platform. That's where actual content producers and their quality work comes into play. There needs to be a balance because if ads, promotions, and posts only the producer thought would be interesting clutter up the feeds and make content discovery nearly impossible, the consumers have a hard time, and the producers struggle to the point of leaving. If they leave, your advertisement did nothing.

Please don't take the downvote personally. The rewards disparity between the top slot and second highest slot was simply too high and compared to other posts making the trending page organically, it was overkill. You still have your top slot, which I knew would be the outcome after downvoting, and I've returned a tiny fraction of those rewards back to the pool we both can agree were unnecessary to be allocated here, on your post.

Have a good day.


A 4 minute video with poor recording quality and very basic statements really does not belong on the trending page. This is a non-viral video for Youtube and a valuation of $198 of Steem rewards is bull crap. Its really unfair for the witnesses and the devs telling everyone that they are going to go after poor quality content and then pull this crap.

Look, this video on Youtube is great, and letting this video be on Steem for whatever it will be valued without bots is also fine. But trending for this? Hell no. That is definitely not fine if this is #NewSteem...


Haha, as if I give a shit what you paid for your votes to put your purple hair on trending.

Your attitude is great by the way: I am steem, I own steem. 80% of your 'investors' are you, so I certainly understand the desperation.

Guess what, that steem is dying. Maybe you should power down and put yourself out of our misery.


Guess what, that steem is dying. Maybe you should power down and put yourself out of our misery.

At least you are not hiding your emotions, intent and motive.

You want STEEM to die. I get it now.


Yes, that's why I've been catching the knife all the way down to sub 16 cents.

I said 'that steem'. The #oldsteem incarnation. You know, the one where overpowered jackasses use their stake to enrich themselves and bully others?

Either your english reading comprehension needs some work, or you are intentionally trying to misrepresent my statement.


hahahahaha funny, good one


Great to see bidbottophant back up and kicking.

Nice post buddy.

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Fuck me dead, your end credit scared the shit out of me!!!

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New steem yahooo

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I applaud the message other than the part where you encourage people to buy votes in your video

But when you're trying to promote a new image for our platform centered around fair opportunity for content creators and honest curation, maybe buying $200 worth of votes isn't the best way to go about it. Downvoted


Paying for votes... hm... maybe just maybe, for the first one...
But now you don't have to. Me and my wife had tested the 50-50 reward... let me tell you this... oldsteem we got 10-20$ per post.... newsteem we get over 30$ (you can go on my wife's blog and look for yourself)
Oh and the biggest problem is getting smaller. No more bad photos or post with 300$....
Now the real-true uniq artist /creators a chance to earn more... and this is way I joined.
I as a cinematographer, didn’t earn much at the start... I had to pay for post to bee seen (one of the reasons I didn’t post anymore) ... and that was just because, someone with a bad photo and a few words written has payed 300$ ... and my work was overlooked (and I m not bad at what I do) just sad 😞
Now this are looking much much better...

Words have meaning. When words spoken are divorced from their actual meaning; when there is intent to mislead by the speaker, or insanity and inability to grasp real facts, people are harmed. Anyone that compares your actions and words will discover they can believe one or the other, but that they are mutually contradictory.

I think of serial liars sort of as wounds desperately slashing at those that come within reach, to spread their misery as widely as possible. Being void of integrity is evidence of void of meaning. When your words have no meaning, or are intended to mislead, the speaker has no meaning, or only means harm.

Tasmanian Devils have a face cancer that is reducing their population. It spreads, one actual organism, from face to face as the ornery devils bite each other. Lies, meaningless words, and profiteering have the same impact on society as that cancer has on devils. Those that are afflicted with it spread it to others, and eventually are removed from society because of it.

The cancer will not outlive the devils. Your recommendation is the equivalent of a terminal diagnosis. Please never recommend anything that matters to me. Never like anything I do. I don't want them to be diminished or destroyed by your toxic impact, the affliction of your care, that surrounds you and saps the vigor of everything you get near.

I'm only passing by

This post has received a 66.94 % upvote from @boomerang.


You can do what you want but I don't think this particular video is going to give outsiders a good impression of Steem. The video is very far from anything approaching professional quality in every respect. Spreading videos like this far and wide may actually harm Steem's reputation.

The face of Steem to the outside world should preferably be presentable people whose English is flawless. Any videos intended for consumption by large numbers of people should have better production values.

lol. u seemed to have poissed off a lot of the circle-jerkers.
keep up the good work :P

Good post

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Awesome introduction and very well explained! Hope this will reach out to more creative people and everyone will get paid its efforts and many hard-working hours spent for a video, a post, or anything.

thank you for this update @fyrstikken

Its surely worth the time and effort now ! :)

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Really? You really need to work on your bot @arcange and what it promotes. Sad. Very sad.

Highest payout is not hard to do when one uses a bunch of bidbots.


I'm really curious what the future brings us good
and thanks for your video
greetings from the Saarland

//1,2,3, gute Laune //

I can't receive payments in SBD. It's more stable than steem, which have inflation.

Downvoted for misuse of upvote bots as well as being very insincere as well as upvoting your own comments. Shame on you!

I too have invested in this blockchain. Sure, not as large as an amount... yet based upon my resources, percentage wise as much as you if not more.

Very disappointed. Hence you are no more my witness even though you do a good job as a witness in the technical area. Yet after much research I have found that you are indeed one that a legitimate person should not associate their-self with. I will not use the term crook, but if the shoe fits?

I perceive you sir to be not a very legitimate or dependable person. Also I have a problem with those that use G-D to legitimize themselves and in the same breath would threaten the lives of others.

I wish you well in your life, yet I will not promote your nonsense (anti-gay, anti-semite, ex-patriot, self-important, want-to-be-patriot/warrior, crazy evangelist, women-hating, creator of terrorist threats agenda).

SIDE NOTE:   Your Norwegian heritage makes you no more a Viking than my Norwegian heritage makes me a Viking. Vikings were Danes, not Norwegians. Do a bit of history study you nut.

Norwegians were historically peaceful farmers and fishermen. I should know. I have done a great deal of study into my ancestors' background and am a direct descendant of the historical Wodin (the Allfather). He actually was a king of Norway before the Danes became the royal family.

I will give the devil his due. Kudos for your efforts at promoting STEEM.

Also should mention.. @urasoul downvoted 100% on this post and that should really mean something. I mean he would not downvote @lasseehlers, a Steemian much worse than you in my opinon. What does that say? Politics or what? Best rally the troops. Not looking good for @fyrstikken.

Oh, I forgot that was prior to free downvotes. My mistake.


I don't understand why you newsteem-fanatics don't just use THE MUTE BUTTON?


If you don't like someone, just MUTE them. Why bother with all the scolding?

Thanks for the post.

@fyrstikken sir there is problem with your bot it stop paying money for delegation and some time it pay and some time not please check

@fyrstikken sir why booster stop paying reward for delegation and booster token to delegators please reply


Hard Fork probably broke something. Give it some time for that to get back on track.