CRYPTO VIDEO: Why Steem Can Hit $50 in the Coming Years


Anyone who knows what Steem is will agree that it holds lots of promises. For instance, Steem is one of the fastest blockchains in the world. Also, Steem has a zero transaction fee.

On top of that, Steemit, the most successful dapp in the world, is built on the Steem blockchain. Soon, when SMTs come on board, it will be possible for what seem like permissionless ICOs to be done on the Steem blockchain. What more can we ask for?

Unfortunately, we have quite a number of tokens which, due to hype and marketing, are priced more valuably than Steem. Well, time will tell the value of Steem.

This video explains some of the ongoing development happening on the Steem blockchain and makes a case for why Steem could hit $50 in the coming years.

The presenter talks about the classic dapps built on Steem, about its scalability, and the potential of SMTs when fully launched.

Please enjoy.

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We soon see ... and yes it can go up lot. 👍👌

Steem is not grow to $50,

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Steem is by far the best platform and coin I've discovered within the crpto/blockchain space. Between the steem engine exchange, the steemmonsters card game and the want and need for creative content, its easy to see how steem could easily gain alot of value. I'm very excited to see where steem may go from here.

That is a very nice figure to look forward to. 😊

Hello brother @gandhibaba, hopefully everything goes according to what is explained in the video and in the coming years this is a reality.

I can't understand why with everything that steem represents, all the evolution, Dapps and developments in this chain, steem prices are so low.

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