Steemit Newsletter: Time for the Runaways to Return Home


A few hours ago, the Steemit Team made an amazing announcement to the effect that it will soon start sending newsletters to the over one million registered members of the Steem blockchain.

While there will be room for those who are uncomfortable with the newsletters to unsubscribe and opt out, I think this is one of the best things we are seeing this year as far as marketing is concerned on the Steem blockchain.

images - 2019-10-08T201800.949.jpeg
This is because sending periodic newsletters to the registered members of this platform will not only help to engage active Steemians but also help in bringing back some of the inactive members.

Truth be told, the Steem blockchain lost quite a large number of Steemians to the brutality of the bear market. Many left because prices and rewards were falling while a few others left because they were dissatisfied with the happenings on the chain - bid bots and self voting, etc.

While the prices are still down, chances are that they are more likely to rise than they are to fall at this stage. So, the runaways are presented with a fine opportunity to amass STEEM like never before.

Also, the new Steem is another reason to return to Steem. The use and abuse of bid bots now face severe consequences and more people are embracing curations. As a result, new names are emerging on the trending list and hitherto unknown but fine authors are coming into limelight. How more interesting can things really get?

One does not have to be a soothsayer to foresee that the future ahead of STEEM is bright and colourful. In the next few weeks ahead, we should expect to see the massive return of inactive Steemians to the warm embrace of the new STEEM.

Not only that, I believe that some of the runaway Steemians will not return empty-handed, knowing that curation is the new game. Consequently, we can expect some new monies to flow into STEEM and that will be good for prices in the days ahead.

I look forward to the first Steem newsletter hitting my mail box. And I should thank @Andrarchy and the rest of the Steemit Team for the great job.

Until I come your way again, I wish you a full STEEM ahead.

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Full STEEM ahead :)

Hope you are doing well bro, greetings from Sweden!


Greetings Clause. Good to see you after such a long long time. I am fine. I hope that your fine too with your babies. Cheers!