Pushing For a New Steem Blockchain Economy


Advertising in the current form stinks, both for businesses and for consumers. It seems propagandist advertising regained traction in the past few years, mainly enabled by the internet and advertisers like Facebook. Online Advertisers create a lot of problems for cultures today, something unheard of previously in the modern age. Traditional forms of advertising , such as radio, television, and print were much different from today's Algorithmic engineered platforms like Google Adsense or Facebook advertising.


Selling adverts online is main sources of income for companies like Facebook and google besides mega government investments/subsidies. Using Google Adsense locks developers into a limited web application ecosystem . With the way the web app ecosystem is today , it's almost impossible to build something like a Decentralized (crypto) DApp store.

Going back to using this software ecosystem (web app) with the Blockchain goes away from what Bitcoin holders originally were excited over. I think we should emulate Bitcoin's peer-to-peer money solution in some ways with the Steem Blockchain. Steemit inc started out its life as a company that released amazing freedom (licenced) software. Satoshi built Bitcoin's ecosystem with community being the critical cog of the coin's development.

Steemit Inc remains as a large stakeholder in our blockchain as the company holds a massive amount of Steem coin and delegates it to projects. I believe in Steemians, I believe in Steemit. I also believe in the values Satoshi laid the ground work for ten years ago. I feel strongly about never compromising these values of "pure peer-to-peer internet money".

I believe Steem hides a lot superpowers, once we look closely we find out never before could people from different corners of the world transact so easily. This provides really important functions for economies well into the future. Having a fee-less, easy, cheap, and fungible form of currency opens many doors for economies around the world..

Is Steem a blockchain for only Social Media? Or can it become the "New Steem", a Steem that will power our digital data-oriented world?

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I note that the fastest horse in the world cannot win a race is it killed by worms. Profiteering has been the essential mechanism to effect ROI on Steem, and directly degrades society and capital gains, much like parasitic worms do horses' ability to race and win prizes.

There is a cure for worms, and unless we enable the value provided by users of Steem to inure to the investment vehicle and reward them for their provision of it, whale worms will continue to extract the profitable vitality of the token horse and it will never win any race.

Steem has created potential mechanisms that enable free persons to voluntarily cooperate and effect communication, society, and even government. Stake-weighting inexorably deprecates that potential and extracts almost all the value users create into the wallets of the ninjaminers. That profiteering can kill Steem. EIP increases the rate at which value can be extracted, and is being undertaken at a time when Steem is declining in users, market cap, and token price already. Adding to the injury EIP will cause, a 10% tax on the rewards pool to support SPS will pose another insult to the system decreasing further it's ability to imbue Steem with value. Imposing a tax in a system designed to enable voluntary feeless financial support of society is perhaps the best illustration of the malignancy infesting the ecosystem in my view.

While the ecosystem continues to evolve, thanks to Steem Engine and ventures @aggroed personally seems to embody and effect, I wonder whether the ecosystem can survive the decline of the health of it's host, or potentially thrive without it. I really think parasitism is necessarily the critical matter Steem must deprecate, in order that Steem's potential value to society can be realized.