Open letter from a Venezuelan to the world.

6개월 전



Being Venezuelan at the moment is synonymous with poverty, misery and even undesirable, the black plague of the new times, and I do not exaggerate since it is known that neighboring countries already love us and are closing their borders to prevent the arrival of more Venezuelans Gone are the days where the same countries wanted Venezuelans to arrive with dollar travelers to spend in their respective countries. But of course that is part of the past and it doesn't matter, the important thing is what is happening right now, Venezuela was always a country open to foreigners from Spaniards escaping from Franco to Jews fleeing Hitler here they were given the opportunity to live and start a family, that's how it was and is Venezuela. Of course, we must not forget that those displaced by the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile also arrived here and the way to be supportive of Venezuela is to receive, above all, Venezuelans who have a title and capital to invest in their country, they little want to receive Venezuelans who do not have that. Peru at the time of Fujimori and the scourge of the Shining Path made a large majority of Peruvians come to the oil country to seek opportunities for progress, now Peru asks us for a visa to enter. Many Venezuelans did not know the meaning of the word xenophobia but now they know it very well since they experience it daily in Peru. Ecuador is not far behind, they also ask for a visa and by the way it is not economical since it costs 50 dollars and if the account is taken out well it is very expensive for a person who only earns 2 dollars a month in Venezuela. We criticize Americans for being so racist and even want to build a wall and Latinos are equal and even worse. Colombia in the 80s in the middle of the war against the guerrillas watching as many of the citizens died thanks to the car bomb attacks and armed confrontations, many of their citizens arrived in Venezuela where they managed to stay safe and be able to continue their lives. Colombia continues to receive thousands of them Venezuelans every day, its hospitals are no longer able to serve so many Venezuelan patients who arrive malnourished or have a disease that was easily treated in Venezuela. This communist court government has lowered us to the level of animals that are only looking for food so as not to starve. Brazil is another country that receives many compatriots on a daily basis but Brazilians have been showing repudiation against Venezuelans lately. Trinidad and Tobago declared a house of undocumented Venezuelans and if they are caught they are imprisoned until they are deported, so they pay us after receiving them for many years without racism or reproach for being mostly Black people. Apparently in memory of the Latin countries is very short but every horror story has an end, to Venezuela I do not change it for any other country and despite being having a bad time I know that I must continue to have faith that we will soon leave this nightmare. We discover in the toughest way that organizations such as the OAS, the UN and even the International Court of Justice are not there to solve the problems, rather they are there to create them or simply ignore them. Politics is the art of hypocrisy, it certainly is.

Thanks to those people from countries that have received and treated in a humane way and with respect to Venezuelans who only look for the same thing their ancestors sought in Venezuela, an opportunity to live with dignity.

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