Steemingcurators Trail Continues

4개월 전

Hi Steemians!

With this short message, we want to make clear that @steemingcurators will continue its upvote trail after the upcoming hardfork 23. (New Steem)

Steemauto announced that they cease their service on Steem. We want to thank them for their services and wish them the very best.

To keep giving support to our members and the Steemit community, we are looking into ways to make it easy and understandable for our members to follow our trail using a different tool.

Currently, we have by witness @maiyude and

In 12 hours, we are going to pause the @steemingcurators upvote trail, and will be back after the update. Hold your horses.

Yours, @steemingcurators
@ciska - @cyptokannon and our lovely members of the trail


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@steemingcurators followed your trail with my 18000 steem power please support me back < Thanks in Advance >

@steemingcurators please reply me so i get notified that i am in your curation list thanks

Thanks to keep giving support

Thanks very much