I Am Powering Up More Steem! - Here's Why

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I am powering up!

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New Steem has been nothing short of amazing for me!

A lot of great content creators I see are making more rewards. Abuse is at the lowest level I have ever seen. Once malicious stakehodlers have now done a 180 and have become some of the biggest helpers of Steem.

I feel like we got our shit together right as the train for the bull market is pulling up. That's what good projects do, they BUIDL during the BEAR and show off what was built during the BULL. I believe this next run won't be so forgiving for shit projects. I think the cryptos that will do great next run will need to have solid fundamentals and external organic demand.

Steem is the embodiment of what Web 3.0 is and will be. Revolutionary code that solves a huge problem on a worldwide scale for the most in-demand resource on the planet, data.

But I am sure most of you know my feelings about Steem already, so why did I just decide to buy more?

With New Steem, came an environment where manual curation projects will thrive. Some things have a hard time thriving because they aren’t in the right position. I have a plant that nearly died because I had neglected to move it into a bigger pot. As soon as I put it into a better pot and started watering it, it started to rise. Old Steem was a neglected plant in an unfit container. New Steem is repotted into a fit container, and we are seeing new life burst out from all directions.

I can feel Steem's rise.

Manual curation projects are sprouting up and I believe the ones that set the tone now, will set the tone for the future direction of Steem. Good curators are not a dime a dozen, and the time to prepare is before the event, not during. Manual curation projects have a great chance to pluck all the high-quality curators right now, and I don’t believe this opportunity will last forever. You must capitalize on the opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity.

Looking at where the ball is going, I want to help get it there, and that is why I just bought 250k Steem and I plan to power it up and delegate it to @ocdb - a manual curation project.

Manual curation projects and the work I am seeing them put in is the exact reason I decided to power up this much more. I want to show large hodlers that they have a place to delegate Steem Power if they wish not to keep up with curation themselves. Delegating to curation projects creates a positive feedback loop that any investor should fall in love with.

Old Steem was investing in bid bots that was destroying the platform from within.

New Steem is investing to curation projects that build up the platform.

Manual curation is the fuel for Proof of Brain, and now that we have full tanks, well… see ya there!

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Cheers to #NewSteem

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Beastmode activated! :D

If only steem had some more investors like you that live in it and see the potential that lies behind it. You're right tho, many are turning into good ones due to the EIP and I'm sure there are many more to come that will see the same thing many of us here see and won't care to maximize steem ROI but value ROI for everyone instead.


Will be interesting to see what happens when more of the misaligned stake aligns toward supporting the growth of the platform.


Nice post @daan,
@acidyo: How come You don’t downvote @daan for using @upmewhale and you do it for me ? How come ? @acodyo you are bullying some good Steemians and it is not fair !


lol @ daan

I don't think he is, even if he was he is sending his rewards to steem.dao and not using a bid bot to profit off of it although I'm sure they're curating him in this post.

  ·  2년 전

@acidyo I am not using bots, but they do seem to manually curate me from time to time :) Just check my transaction history.

Lol, forget this comment, he meant to tag theycallmedan probably, not me :p

On mobile and went straight to the comment without checking the post above

Really love your PASSION!

And yes, agreed...

I can feel Steem's rise.

There has been a black and white shift in how things are unfolding around here and personally, I am loving it!I have been a die hard content creator here since I started on Steem in June 2017 and since I gave up my 11yr old business (and full time income) to explore this avenue I have forever been looking for ways to make it sustainable for me.

One of the ways I thought of some time back was to build up enough Steem power that, once I was earning enough SP daily I could have a small but continuous powerdown - one that did not negatively affect my current SP but allowed me to draw weekly/monthly what I need in order to cover my bills - and would hopefully lean in the positive in terms of powering up after a little time So it would either stay at level ground or grow whilst I withdraw

Not sure if I have explained this properly... lol

Anyhooo - I am loving the shift of #newsteem because it makes that goal "that much more attainable".

I have not stuck around this long because I thought this network was full of horse shit - NO - I am still here because I, like you - KNOW that Steem is shaping and making the future of social media!

It really is just a matter of time before the rest of the world wakes up!

I love the fact that manual curation is finally shining!!!!!

This is how things should be!


same here; powering up. Buying from open market.

I'm also powering up! Nice job and thanks for off setting some of the downvotes.


For reals?! I might have to step up too then 😂


SPUD is in 8 days. W8 for it if u can :)


Oh, good idea!


I definitely can. I am on the Steem blockchain since 2017.05.17. I believe in the Steem blockchain, and I am planning with it for the long term. Nowadays I am a minnow with currently (2019.09.23, 21:21 CEST) 681.573 Steem Power, but I will definitely participate (power up some Steem) on SPUD6.

In my opinion even the negative minded ones are buying Steem because the returns on curation reward is more than juicy, even personally I Feel this greed to buy more will intermittently increase the price of Steem.
We're delicately poised at this period to see a massive significant change in steem not too far from now. As for @ocdb, they're doing an amazing job and empowering them to do more is huge. I really see you blowing up returns on investment when we start witnessing the bull soon. Thanks for the huge belief in Steem.


This is funny, because I believed so far that the selfishness and the greed of the people are ruining the Steem blockchain, but you made me change my mind (at least in some level) with this comment. However, I don't know where will this selfishness and greed lead the Steem blockchain, but I believe in the Steem blockchain. The Steem blockchain could be a very good place, it could change the world, especially if the people would support each other, and would not focus on growing their own accounts, but maybe the majority of the people are not grown up to it because of their selfishness and greed. We will see a few years later, I guess.

You sometimes gimme the feeling that one day you may purchase the whole damn liquid steem there is and power it just because you believe so much in this project. -Just like we do-

All we need is people with the same mindset man. Hats off for the delegation also. Great initiative


And enough fiat to invest...


I think greed sometimes can bring this positive attitude to new Steem

I delegate to both @ocdb and @curangel. They are the start of what I hope will be a powerful force on the Steem blockchain.


The more stake behind good curation projects the better.

I also agree with you. new steem is very unusual compared to the old one. and I also spend more time viewing content on Steemit than on other social media. lots of great content during the new steem. such as content created by @paulmp. I spent a lot of time watching a lot of photos.

the new steem also added my enthusiasm to light the steem. in 1 month I often buy steem and turn it on. but I bought it in small quantities because I didn't have a lot of money. but I will continue to try, and always try.


Thank you, I'm glad you are enjoying my posts, I'm enjoying creating them and interacting.

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Really great to see this as an OCD curator. More motivation for us to find great content. Thanks for your time invested!

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Not wait until STEEMhits $0.06?


Would be great if you could start posting or commenting.


Would be great if you would quit downvoting valuable contributions to Steem to expand upon the Desktop Wallet. Or at least do something to benefit Steem instead of just fucking everyone with your petulance.


Would really appreciate some upvote from you as a gesture of your kindness, thanks


You may find my posts "different" than what you usually find on Steemit... I have a Wild Imagination... It's about the U.S. Monetary Correction...
November 24, 2021... 14.6 Hollywood Time...


If it goes that level I am selling all my btc for sp
Steem on

Interesting. I used to use ocdb to boost my content and get a good ROI. However, I'm not a big fan of bots and have stopped using the bot service for quite some time. It is good they are going manual. I also hope others follow suit. I know curation teams like @wafrica take their cue. I'm so keen on building a strong African community on steem and I l feel the groups for that already exist, they just need to be revamped. A lot of passionate people on here I think desire.

I'm also buying steem as well, although in smaller quantity, most of which I'm investing in steemmonster. I've bought close $200 worth of steem in September and I hope to keep the momentum going. The goal is to get my steem portfolio to $1000 before the year runs out.

I as well powered up when the price was high and even now when is low. Why...? Because I believe in the project, but more in the people and the communities from here. And when there is so much involvement around in the end things will get right.

Beastmode indeed! !BEER

I'd give this a 1.000.000% Upvote

Nice. I'm randomly curious about how you bought the Steem. Did you use one exchange? Multiple? None?

There is a charge in the air; I can feel it as well.
To the moon, so they say.


I used Steem-Engine EOS/Steem pairing. I paid a bit of a premium to get it done quickly, 22-1 - EOS spiked as high as 27-1 vs Steem so my order filled nicely.

Now it's time for the real BUIDL!

New steem is the shit! I'm loving the change so far. That's a great reason to power up. I need to power up some more as well.

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I guess you're finally a Steem Dolphin :D


They call him flipper....

Wow. This is really awesome. Here we are. #newSteem rules. Best regards ever. We are making great change every day.

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I'll make the argument that crypto needs Steem, not Steem needs crypto.
Future post about it soon.


Nice, will keep an eye out for it

... 💯 for the memes 😅👍🏽

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A man with a lot of faith. I thought I was buying lots of this STEEM stuff too!

Yes, it's reassuring to witness abuse being dealt with. Before, all people could do was watch.

Damn Bro! Way to lead the pack! I’m about to do the same and power up my steem! 🙌🏼🙌🏼


I wish there was enough fiat to invest in #steem. 🤔

Looks like more and more people powering up and this place is going to be more nice soon.

@theycallmedan awesome, the liquid steem on exchanges are decreasing and powerup trend is going up. I am running manual curation project @steemindian to onboard Indians and help them to learn,settle here for first two to three weeks after signing up. India have massive potential to adopt and invest on steem. I have leased some SP delegation from dlease and doing the work. But it's really helpful if you consider to delegate, as the other project you mentioned have massive support and doing great.

Wow that's a pretty huge amount of STEEM to Power Up! I have seen you are helping to promote STEEM at Twitter after @nathanmar left those promotion! So it's great that you decided to delegate that VP with manual curation projects.
!trdovoter 100
This is another manual curation project which is curating quality contents at #newsteem tag!



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And cheers to that, we all know (who are here for long) that Steem will rise like never before :)

Nice power up!

༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ.

Love your all sincerity and all task its a really being great light and happy future for steem community. thanks sir @theycalmedan for this industrious.

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Manual curation is the fuel for Proof of Brain, and now that we have full tanks, well… see ya there!

Hahaha the tank is full indeed and overflowing immensely for the good of Steem.

By deciding to power up 250k worth of Steem and for your support for content creators, you are nothing but an inspiration to many of us in this space.

Once the new Steem came on board, then I knew that powering up is the new game. Many more hefty investors will come, powering up. And that's bullish for Steem. We'll see. Cheers!

250k?! Crikey. That’s phenomenal.

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Love this community more and more. Definitely feeling the vibe and support as more of us find our niche in this exciting platform ,which is shown by people such as yourself that are using and investing in the cryptocurrency that it’s built and sustained on. Go Steem and Steemers, I’m buying more on today’s dip as well 👍🏼✌🏼 Peace!

The main picture is so funny hahahahah, so good ;)

I like your picture post friends.

Good !

Steem ♨ On !



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I really appreciate the great work done so far in the #Newsteem they are really doing awesome work!
Newsteem Rock's! Let's embrace it 💪💯% and surpport the community to grow organically.

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This is cool, 250k steem? Wish I had that kind of money and good work by ocd anyway and kudos

@theycallmedan thanks for your efforts,
I really love to delegate more to #newsteem project, but currently don't have much at hand to vest.

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Over the past year or so all I have been doing is manually curating, and with #NewSteem this only pays a lot more!

So with bid bots gone, and manual curating becoming a lot more competitive.. We might start seeing the great content start rising to the top, and everyone will have a chance to compete and earn from supporting that content as well!

Cheers to the newsteem

Amazing with your help and with the help of a whole community we will grow this platform beyond limits Super Sayian Blue mode! 💪✌️

Hmm, I have recently powered up a tiny amount(300 steem) and thinking of continuing with a portion of my steemmonsters profit.
My target is to have at least 10000 steem power.
New steem is really awesome and more when steemit won't sell their steem.
#newsteem 💞💞

that's great that shows the faith and trust in this community : )

..congrats, man!..seems you’re not joking, just serious actions..respect!..up!..try to learn from you...up!

crypto winter is still in full force. Steem is at 16 cents. All time low was like 0.08 cents or s0. we are 200 times more from historic low. Long way to hit a bottom

Nice try, its all about friends and co, did you really believe what you wrote?

Can´t believe that you support this shit what the OCDB or in especially acidyo is running with this downvote series for users who try to show up in trendings to get more people interrested in their blogs.

Please feel free to check out my latest post your name will also show up in it.

What we see this time is just playing the ball from ahughe account like yours, send out a post and because of all your steem-healthy friends you get a lot of credits back for your work, way more than necesarry, and way more than its been woth from it content. Like with htis post the bots are curating this as worthy content so what?
This is also just another statement nothing special and now have a look on your incomming revenues,
2019-09-23 Stats theycallmedan post im powering up.JPG
did you believe this is fair play?

I don´t, this is like we call it with a little help from my friends the most incomming revenues is from former bot-parties who now without another chance might have to curate.

  • But why your content?
  • Is it so highly qualified with the content you distribute?

...guess not !

But anyway one has to make up his thoughts about these strange behavior from the big ones here on the platform.

In my eyes and in the terms from acidyo this post needs a downvote with more than 15% (with almost 4.5 Million SP or even more) for sucking out the honey from the community reward-pool.
REMARK - to be fair as I am normally, just learned from thebluewin that you has set 100% beneficiary as of steem.dao, so its not your profit, well but still lets some bitter taste to me

And sorry for these open words from a mouth of a verry little steemian, and if you feel there is some of them wrong please let me know so I can correct this and overthink my statement.

with sunny greetings from the Andalusian
Don T


Bro, he's burning most of the rewards in his posts, maybe check on that before you decide to go detective steemworld on someone. In general yeah, I like curating people that do a lot for Steem but it doesn't matter much if they are minnows, orcas or whales.

Ocdb is flagging profitable votes from bid bots, we don't flag posts that burn part of the rewards to make the votes unprofitable, we're not anti-trending, we're anti-anti-EIP.


Hi acidyo, I checked this out don´t you see my remark in the comment ;)

and no, he´s not doing this in all posts some times its very little and we got the same structure of brotherhood.

It seems to be that some others also think like me because they acting with huge flags.

So think about your curating model again its not well adjusted and for sure it is not fair like I showed in my post to this issue, its somehow friend burdened.

You got the power, use it wisely and do not abuse it ;) otherwise maybe sometimes later you won´t be anymore the good friend of the Investors, they don´t search trouble they look for smart profits.

I notice you're the only soul on the moon...

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Also @theycallmedan, another project you should check and also consider giving a helping hand is the team at @build-it. It's more of a tribe on the steem community that specializes on DIY and How-to's contents. I promise you, you'll be intrigued by the work they put to add value to the steem blockchain.

At the time of drafting this report, they've kept aside approximately $120 for a simple translation of their announcement post into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russia, Hindi, and German where each translator gets a fair share of $20 for the translation.

Everything they're doing is from their pocket without help from anyone, perhaps since you like supporting projects that are bringing value to the steem blockchain, this could also be a good project to support @theycallmedan.

Have a wonderful week!

That's very sweet and thoughtful of you to purchase a coin for roughly 12 million and delegating to another project. King I stan!

BTW, why did @ranchorelaxo flag this post, guess he/she not in support of this or got an issue with the #newsteem. Just my thoughts though - don't mean no harm.

All power to the powered up power whales!
Carry on!

Nice one Dan! Build that digital real estate while the land is cheap.

I'm waiting for the right moment after a certain trade to buy more steem. Timing is everything for me as I don't have much resources. Hopefully my plans will work and I'll be able to buy and power up a few thousand more steem before we take off 🚀🙂

P.s. what you say about curators is true. I've been an @curie curator for over a year and not many people understand the time and effort it takes to be a good curator. Beyond just knowing how to recognize quality in your chosen area of interest, you also have to learn a bunch of skills to check for plagiarism and copy/paste con artists. Manual curation from the guilds is the life blood of steem. Keeping quality peeps here, and encouraging new people to stay and build.

Congratulations @theguruasia, 100% upvote has been shared with your successful call on the post that shared by @theycallmedan!

Support @trendotoken projects by delegating : 100SP , 200SP , 500SP , 1000SP , 2000SP

Wow man you got that dough!
What price do you see steem going to? Curious to see what your projections are and around what price you’d “cash out” your steem!

Makes my 6,500 Steem purchase look measly in comparison 🤣

I'll keep buying though, what an opportunity this is 💪

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I've been accumulating, too.

I can't even find posts tonrecommend for you or acidyo because all the good ones I've come across have already been curated and rewarded over 10sbd.

If this keeps up I'm gonna have to dig deeper or lower my standards to find under rewarded posts.

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @theycallmedan, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

This is awesome move @theycallmedan
You mentioned that this is not a financial advice but most of Steemians knows that this is the right time to power up as much as possible. I am also doing my bit and increasing my sp level. Thanks

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This is a great and generous move by you sir. Powering surely means a lot to many on this community. And am smelling something great is about to burst open a blockbuster way on steemit community. Keep up the good job sir. More strength.

Hi Dan,
Thanks for leading by example!
I am powering up more Steem also.
I have purchased Steem several times in September and plan to continue buying in October. Thank you for supporting Steem and helping to “Keep the Dream Alive” here on the Platform.


How the hell are ya, Dan!?

I'm slowly but surely getting back into the steem groove myself lately. The last year or so has not been kind to me, and I've all but dropped off the face of the planet...

I had powered down completely, but recently powered up so that I'm at least over 100 steem again. I'm investing by buying steemmonsters with part of my paychecks every two weeks.

I want so badly to get back to my writing, but my motivation and self worth have been incredibly lacking for some time now.

Good to see folks like you keeping the fire alive!


By the way... I found this post on the Google feed of my phone, so kudos on that, bro!


I feel nice and tingly every time I read this post! I can tell it’s a better platform now, less Klingons as we are now at a price point that garners attention and enthusiasm only from true supporters.

I’m very happy to call myself a Real Steemian, I’m loving my journey in this space and Love talking about All the cool innovation and continuous developments taking place.

Feels even better to be surrounded by you bigger guys as I share your passion and direction for Steem and making it better than ever for the next era of noobies. Peace! ✌🏼 ☮️

true, steem will rise sir and it's enjoyable to stay. Lot of quality content will be found because they want to earn upvotes from whale that are doing manual curation.

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I really wanted to not like this post when I clicked on it, but you won me over. I've always thought it was just a matter of time before Steem really caught on. Now it seems we've got a catalyst.

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Hope you waited.

  ·  2년 전

Maybe 😎.

Great editing skills!

respect for sending all rewards to @steem.dao 👍