A quick pass from Albania


Yesterday we returned from our trip to FYROM by making first a quick pass from Albania and we had the chance to visit two cities, Pogradec and Korçë.

Unfortunately we only stayed for only one hour in both cities but I really liked the little that I saw. I will definitely arrange sometime in the future to stay a couple of days in Albania! I was a bit tired so I didn't take much photos, I guess you will have to be patient for @ruth-girl to make a post if you want to see more of it :D

First, let's start with Pogradec, a nice little town next to the Ochrid lake:













Before returning to Greece we made a quick stop for some food and drinks. Everything was really tasty and cheap!


Another last thing. Like with FYROM, I was impressed with how clean the streets and parks were in Albania. I guess Greeks are the only people that don't have any respect and love for their country...

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poli omorfa einai!!!!


Άστο, όλοι πάνε μπροστά εκτός από μας 😅


file ki emena auto mou irthe sto nou otan eida tis foto!!!

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Neat, thanks!

Nice looking photos first off. Second don't ever go to New York and ride the Subway trains!

I guess Greeks are the only people that don't have any respect and love for their own country...

Romanians are the same or even worse. When I get to Serbia which is 25km away from my town it's like I'm no longer in Eastern Europe or Balkans. It's much cleaner, the food is better and cheaper and everything seems to be more alive.


LOL, you can't be serious that Serbia is much cleaner compared to your town in Romania???

How exactly dirty is your town then? XD


Ok I am coming to Serbia next! Hopefully in summet. Any good beaches there?


Glad you asked, there are many excellent beaches in Belgrade:

And if you prefer untouched nature over the crowded city, here's a nice one:

And now, in all seriousness, this is where people actually swim in Belgrade during summer:


Dirtier than the one I go to in Serbia. It's everything that is leveled up there and they're not even in EU.


and they're not even in EU

I know that, I'm the lucky owner of Serbian passport XD


I suppose you don't live anymore in Serbia. I've lived for a few years abroad and I am thinking to move again next year.


Phew! Good to know we are not the only dirty people in the Balkans 🤣

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