The Baby Called "#Newsteem" needs TIME to GROW


From Small Beginnings, GREAT Things Emerge - @Uyobong


A few times I have witnessed the birth of new born babies. Certainly, some were way too "uncarriable" either because they were too small, skinny or other natal-related excuses.

Moreover, recognizing how much a baby resembled their parents were in some cases very difficult as most had looks that were close to being "undefined".

In another case, I have seen some babies that seemed to "ugly" in relation to how cute their parents looked, in either case, I saw parents showed love, care, spend money, and above all gave their time for their babies to grow.

Growth has been one constant thing in life as long as there is TIME. Growth can curves sometimes look parabolic, some sinusoidal, others accelerating, but in all, there is always a shift from the initial point of observation.

In all lessons on growth, there is an aspect that is always almost not celebrated - the pain of growth. Everyone wishes to grow but nobody wants to experience the pains that characterize the breakthrough of the limits of our old sizes to the mould of the new one. However, this is an aspect of growth we all cannot run away from.

I have been a part of the Steem blockchain for the past 20 months. Looking back at where I started with 25 reputation and $0 worth of account with a borrowed 15 SP from @Steem, there has been an incredible growth to this 65.5 reputation and over 1000 Steem generated so far.

Twenty months ago when I was a "baby" on Steem, I had no pint of idea about cryptocurrency neither was I a blogger, even when I was a writer and did earn offline, but today, the difference is clear. My writing skills have evolved from copy-writing to Creative writing.

"Over twenty months, I attest to the fact that I can now create a plagiarism free 10 minutes read blog which was not the case initially"

Such development above that has occurred around my writing skills could only be obtainable by allowing time to prune, mould and refine me. Time has grown the baby writer in me to a blockchain-savvy and highly paid content creator even off the blockchain.

Within 20 months, I have seen myself scale up my writing career into a more professional level with a higher reward. It therefore would not be out of place to say that TIME is a GROWTH catalyst.

One may ask, would this growth have occurred is you did nothing? I would say yes. The answer would be shared in another blog.

Concerning our #Newsteem project, is is pertinent that we come to terms to the fact that #newsteem is a FRESH innovation that needs time for people to understand before they can actually invest and give in their time and resources.

Do we forget so fast that there was a time that STEEM was worth just $0.07? I was not actually there, but I've heard the story. I came in when Steem was worth about $4. Even at that, many never still saw a reason to invest and be a part of the system. Some of the people got to understand the operations of steem when the price had gone down to $2.

#Newsteem simply needs time to heal and GROW. The investors may not be trooping in at the moment, but are certainly understudying the NEW dynamics of the system. In days ahead, we'll see steem again grow to $10.

Again look through this Infographic submission of mine and see how much steem has evolved. This was a product of time. People do not really change attitude easily, it takes time. As long as time is needed for users' attitude to change, as much time will be needed for #newsteem to grow to where we wish it should.

This is my personal Testimonial and Insight into #Newsteem

Let's keep watching...

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You are right alot of bad players have left the system creating room for new ones I once powered down all my account now price is cheap but no sufficient funds to buy back but we will definitely get back up smile

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Love your drive and positivity! Steem on, my friend!


Thank you.
This happens when we what others are not seeing