Girls’ Night Out | Unique Facts You Need to Know

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Good day. Trust your day have been going on well? It's a somewhat less eventful day here. I have been home all day after I returned back from church. It's Sunday. Yes! It's a no work day. Today, I will be talking about some of the happenings during girls' night out. Wondering how a guy wants to talk about a feminine subject matter. (smiles). Well, wait till the end of this discourse.

Going out with the ladies could be something you do on a weekly basis or perhaps you've got to undergo lots of planning to make sure all the girls are available on the desired night. Girls' night out is always a great moment to look up to. It's a time to hook up with friends, reminisce about all the nights you've all spent together gisting and laughing about stuffs, as well as creating new ones, expectantly.

You may want to spice up your girls' night out or try something different, here are some things you need to know because most of the things remain constant - no severe changes occur.

One common thing is that there's always at least one of the girls that ask if she can come along with her boyfriend. She doesn't feel comfortable staying away from her boyfriend just for a night, so she ask the girls if he can join them. Then she get responses such as 'he's not welcome', 'it's only a girls night, boys are not invited' or even 'it's your pillow you'll cuddle this night' among others.

Also, there's always that girl that want to leave early due to reasons best known to her. She either need to be at work first thing in the morning, or she has to go attend to her kids or she doesn't stay out late again as she use to do before - people change you know? Often times, she will be pleaded with to stay a little bit longer or even convince her to pass the night and she may probably give in. At this point she will be like I'm going to have water or soft drink and no alcohol all night because I can't cope with hangover tomorrow morning.

It is uncommon for one or more of the girls to set rules for others to follow. These set of people try to discard every guy trying to distract, disrupt or scatter the girls' night out. At this point you start hearing 'it's only girls thingy'. They block the moves of any guy that look into your group's direction for too long than normal. You may have to excuse yourself by pretending that you want to go to the restroom if you want to exchange number with a guy at this point. Hahaha. Did I just hear you say it's true?

Well, no matter how rules are made, they are also broken. There's that girl that can't help hanging out with a guy, so she would abandon the law and the girls and hook up with the guys. It's a normal thing to be attracted to guys and it's not an exception during girls' night out.

Some other things common in all girls' night out are:

  • Two or more, even all the girls use the bathroom at once. It's even a platform to gossip more as they pee.
  • The Instagram photographer is busy taking pictures and keeping Memories of all that has been happening. We'll, you'd be able to see something to make you remember how the night unfolded the next day.
  • The shy girl that is always quite is drunk enough to talk loudly and even dance her as* out.

These are some of the things common in every girls' night out in any part of the world. There are still more of them which I didn't make mention. YOU MAY SHARE THEM IN THE COMMENT SECTION.

Thanks for reading.

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