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Hello dear Steemians!

It has been quite a while since I visited New Zealand but I felt it was worth a post because I will never forget my incredible time I had there! It is known to be the "downunder" country of switzerland and since this is where I was born i was very excited to visit new zealand.

First of all i can really recommend to travel by car since distance between places can take a few hours.

Snowboard on the mountain and swim in the ocean all in one day

In switzerland snowboarding is like a nationalsport. In fact i lived 3 years in the swiss alps enjoying the snow pretty much every day. Even more that was a reason to check out the mountains that new zealand has. It is crazy to think that you can Ski on the mountains and swimm in the ocean all in the same day. This country makes it possible.

This is me snowboarding at "coronet peak". Don't you think it is amazing to see snow and ocean all in one image?


During my trip i also visited the "Fox Glacier". It wasn't very breathtaking for me cause i am used to glaciers and it is funny to watch how it is a big tourist attraction in the country and you find lots of asian tourists on a glacier for the first time in their life. Still worth it to visit the glacier!



The scenery of this country is just amazing. These a just a few shots of a lot i have taken. I felt like sharing the beauty of it with you. Im not even rly sure anymore where which pic was taken, maybe if you have been there you could help me out remember?





For all of you who don't know what "driftwood" is:

Driftwood is any type of wood that has been washed onto a shore or beach of a sea by the action of winds, tides or waves. Nobody knows what trip it has behind.


Each wave,
draws me closer.

Like driftwood,
in search for its shore.

Entwined destinies.

Each wave,
guides me into your arms.
You are my shore.

With you i belong.


I also had the opportunity to make a helicopterflight to sightsee the whales in the ocean. I was actually really lucky that i also could see one from above. They are amazing. In fact they show up at the surface and after a while they dive back into the deepness of the ocean to hunt for squids and they will be gone for up to 45 minutes without coming back up to the surface.

At the same spot i went snorkeling with thousands of wild dolphins. I will never forget how you could actually play with them and they swim really close up to you! It is amazing to see how they can jump up and do "backflips" like no other animal :)





If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'm more than happy to give more insights. If you liked this little travel blog leave me a comment below or follow me for more.

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I have been planning to go to New Zealand for a while now but this kinda confirms it for me. Such a beautiful place to visit. :)


I can for sure recommend this country. You will never forget! It just takes forever to get there ;) i flew over hong kong and it took me like 24 hours to get there :) And without a car you will get nowhere!

That's so funny how something that is so beautiful to some people is normal for others, like the glacier! Oh my that seal alive?!

Wow!!! Seeing the whales and the dolphins looks so exciting!!!! That's such a cool opportunity!!! Ahhh soooo awesome that you got the picture of the whale jumping out of the water!


Hey, nice to hear from you again! I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for showing me #travelfeed! This is a great community :)

Yeah as swiss it is quite "normal" that you have seen a glacier. You are right. Must sound weird if someone says that tough haha

Yeah seeing the whales and dolphins was amazing. Actualy it was a dolphin jumping out of the water ;) It was crazy to swim in a pod of dolphins, if you squeek thru your snorkel they actually come closer and play with you.

Hope you are doing well! Lets keep in touch..


aw I'm glad you're liking the group!! Swimming with dolphins is even better!

Great stuff ... and happy to see our tag on there!!!! I think we're ready for a For 91 Days in New Zealand.

great travel Blogs :)

I have not been to New Zeland I feel ashamed of that because I lived In Eastern Australia. In which month of the year have you been ? It is great before the snow and then swim. I had a similar experience visiting in august Tasmania snow on the mountains ( 1200m altitude) and then beaches but I was unable to swim ...... For me it would be another reason to go again to the Southern Pacific


Honestly i cant even remember which month it was, i would say it must have been june/july. I was there for 5 weeks. Swiming was really cold tough, without a wetsuit probably not possible for long. But snorkeling surrounded by hundreds of dolphins was worth every second in the cold water! And the snow on the mountains in new zealand is pretty amazing too! They could improve there skilifts tough ;)

Yeah...its the first time i experienced snow in the morning and ocean in the late afternoon...crazy!!!


Well so it was the months considered as winter season anyway it is a great travelling experience going to "downunder" :)

interesting posts that are full of challenges in life !!!


thanks a lot!

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Beautiful photos and great post

Hiya, just swinging by to let you know that this post made the Honorable Mentions list in today's Travel Digest!

Wonderful photos! We did a 4 week roadtrip in NZ almost exactly 2 years ago, desperate to get back for more. You might be interested in my 14 posts at worldmap. Following.


Yeah so i guess you also know how nice this place is! Would really like to go back but probably won't happen for a while...

Will check you posts! Thank you for following! Feel free to check our telegram steem private community if you want to chat with us :) cheers

Always been planning to visit New Zealand ever since LOTR was filmed there. It has everything we want to see in nature and more. @girlinchief did a post a few weeks' ago about her honeymoon road trip through New Zealand and that made us want to go even more! Did it feel like home from home? Thanks for the post, especially the photo of the glacier!


It looks just like in LOTR! Honestly :D

It didn't really feel like home, it has similiarities but at the end of a day its different. So much "farn" in this country. We don't have this plant in switzerland. The mountains are quite similar tough ;)


We guess no two countries are the same. They might look similar but in the end each country has its own culture and custom.

We're closer than ever living in Asia now, so we'll have to see what options we have. It's all of a sudden became wedding season for us with a few friends engaged back in Europe, so we're saving up to attend those over the course of 2-3 years. So, really don't know when we can put an exact date on visiting NZ. The time will come...

So beautiful! I voted you up and I am a fellow member of steemprivate.
I especially loved the airborne dolphins and photos of the whales.

Thank you for a great post!

@minatubo It turned out lovely for me to read about your experience in New Zealand. Congratulations