NextColony - Corvette Najtar strikes you with a laser speed


Focus like a laser and not a flashlight! And in a fighting galaxy the best corvette out there is the one that strikes with laser and not bullets or rockets. The ultimate technology on the corvettes is brought the the Najtar ship which makes the world difference compared to the Crocus and the Petunia.

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And just imagine my surprise when on one of my exploring I have identified through the ashes that were flying through the galaxy the blueprint of it. For sure with it I will be able to dominate the corner of this infinite universe and will make my enemies tremble in front of my fleet. Exploring has never been more fun and rewarding as now when you can discover technologies from lost worlds or advanced alien species.


Photon torpedoes, full spread from the laser beam of the most famous corvette in the galaxy - Corvette Najtar! You cannot hide from it as it will destroy any shield in front of it and burn your core if you dare to raise yourself on the battlefield.

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