NextColony - This Universe is an echo of ourselves


The Universe that we are recurring exploring made me think that everything I am doing one day is an echo of something. It seems that everything I've done is going to happen again and everything I am going to do has already happens sometime and somewhere else. It's a repetition and a feeling I cannot shake each time I am playing and all that I am thinking of is that we are all atoms dancing around each other. Doing so any action affects others from the Universe as even if there is an infinity of it all, there is as much within our reach that we can grasp.

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It all points to the fact that every tiny split second decision we take either to mine, explore or attack, potentially has a vast and profound effect on everyone around us in our square space from the Universe. This all looks like it is all planned and everything that is going to happen was always going to happen as if we're being all pieces put in place by a builder. Even if we don't realize it, we have all been here before.

And with each day passing it is just an endless round and round and something we can't control as we don't have the instruments to do it. All we can do is hang on what we have and expand just what is in our reach. We still hope to set down in a better place than we were initially picked up when thrown somewhere in the Universe.

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