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I'm always amazed at what can be accomplished on a day off. Well in my case it was a sick day rather than a day off, 80% of the Alliances features were written on a sick day. There's a couple more things I still want to do but I'd like to release it for some decent testing before building more.


Let's start at the top and work our way down.

Why add alliances to Xylon?

Well it will allow everyone to get alerts for the people in their alliance. So it's not just a DM to one person (who may be asleep) but a message is sent to a channel on a discord server so someone else might be able to respond with sufficient time to head off the attack. Or maybe not. but at least everyone in the group will know.

New commands for Xylon

The below commands for Xylon aren't listed anywhere else yet but once I'm happy with the testing they'll be added to the main menu.

$$create alliance

For now, this command can only be used by me. Though I expect to add the founders of NC (if they want, if not that's ok, I hope we can still be friends. Not special friends obviously, that's just for the COMers, but friends nonetheless)
Basically the command does as expected, it creates a new alliance for Xylon to track.

If you ever get the power to do it, you use it by sending Xylon a DM or typing the below in a channel where he can read the text:
$$create alliance: Killers
Please note, the alliance name is case sensitive, so, Killers, killers, KILLERS etc. are all difference alliances (I should probably change that... but I won't not yet anyway.)
It only takes 1 argument so you can have spaces and stuff in the name it really doesn't matter
$$create alliance: Killers are $$$ makers
Also works, it's not a very good name but hey it'll work.

$$delete alliance

Same rules as $$create alliance:
$$delete alliance: Killers
$$delete alliance: Killers are $$$ makers

$$add admin

There are two ways to use this command I will go over one way in detail and just make a note of the other way, as the second way is only there for the bot admins, there won't be many of those so hence less importance.

This command gives discord users the rights to perform the admin actions on the alliance.
list of admin actions:

  • add admin to alliance
  • delete admin from alliance
  • change the official alliance channel
  • add alliance members
  • remove alliance members


$$add admin: @idi - TradeColony
$$add admin: @Oli @holger80 @Jarunik

Note: in order to successfully add an admin, you have to mention them, without the mention the addition won't work

Bot Admin Usage

Because the bot admins don't belong to alliances, they have to specify the alliance they want to change.
Like so: $$add admin: Killers, @Oli @holger80 @Jarunik

$$delete admin

This works the same way as add admin:
$$delete admin: @idi - TradeColony

$$set alliance channel

This command will change the official channel for the alliance. Any channel an admin writes the command in, will become the official channel of the Alliance. in this channel all alerts will be sent for all of the alliance members. the channel can only be changed by admins of the Alliance or bot admins.


$$set alliance channel
Seriously though, that's it. As long as Xylon can read your command he'll kick off the alerts.

Bot Admin Usage

Because the bot admins don't belong to alliances, they have to specify the alliance.
Like so: $$set alliance channel: Killers

$$list members

This shows a list of all of the members of the Alliance. That's it. Nice and simple.


$$list members

Bot Admin Usage

Because the bot admins don't belong to alliances, they have to specify the alliance.
Like so: `$$list members: Killers


This is the meat of the new add ons. This is the command admins use to add accounts to the alliance. Now just to clarify here. All of the names added here have to be Steem account names, and not discord ids. This works the same as the current $$watch command.

The first time you use the command, it will add the account to your alliance. If you use it again it will remove it. If you try to add an account that's already in another alliance, you will be informed.


$$Alliance: @idi - TradeColony
$$Alliance: @idi - TradeColony, @Oli @holger80 @Jarunik

Bot Admin Usage

Because the bot admins don't belong to alliances, they have to specify the alliance.
Like so: $$Alliance: Killers,@idi - TradeColony, @Oli @holger80 @Jarunik


This will get Xylon to send you the link to invite the bot to your discord server. This will allow you to create a discord channel for you alliance away from the prying eyes of the Next Colony discord server, or you know, just take him our for dinner and a movie. Whatever, I don't judge... It is a sexy head.


In order to use it, the below command in a DM to Xylon or in a channel he's in:

Now, please remember this is still being tested, I expect a lot of issues to occur, but then again I am an optimist. If they do, then hit me up. I'd idikuci on discord also.

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Xylon is a dope name though and I think k "Killers" is way better than "blind rapists" for a name.