Colony Chronicles - P-o-W exploded

5개월 전

5 more days

At one point, I thought I saw 80 active simultaneous Yamato upgrade for @proof-of-work. Low and behold they have sprung up with a massive upgrade reward points (URP), snatching the lead away from @uraniumfuture. With roughly 5 days 10 hours to go, will @uraniumfuture give up the lead and humbly settling with 1/5 of the top prize?

Three more legendary planets bit the dust leaving one last legendary planet 'Prometheus' under @proof-of-work account left. 1008, 1006, 1007 burned.


Self sacrifices for the betterment of the collective.

Current active upgrades.

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Nice Analysis, hope you will get some "upvote " love here.

Hang on, 10+@ more Y-16's to Come! ;)
and yet, 2k more planets to burn,
ready to go at any minute.

I will show you real Power of PoW.
Stay tuned.