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NEXTCOLONY.IO has started!!!! The gates are open to the new Steem Blockchain Game "NextColony" open for all players / Steemians. Since I am one of the testers and was allowed to watch the game now, I would like to show you a start help manual. Here it is not necessary to work on these in the order, but is to be regarded rather as orientation. I want to show you the way how to get to the Explorer ship and how to do an exploration to get another planet as your launch planet.

But first of all some basic information for you about the game and its buildings / skills etc..

The start into the game

If you have registered with, you own an Alpha Planet. This is your start planet from which everything starts. On this planet you have the possibility to erect different buildings to strengthen your planet. There are the following buildings:

  • The Base - Base
    Increases the time of further building upgrades by 1% per level 1%.
  • The Shipyard - Shipyard
    Increases shipbuilding speed by 1% per level
  • The Research Center - Research Center
    Per level the speed for your skills increases
  • The Mines
    To produce resources on your planet you need the Coal, Ore, Copper and Uranium Mines. With each level, the income your planet produces per day increases and should be well developed.
  • The depot / warehouse for resources
    Since buildings and skills increase in the cost of resources level by level, you also have to increase the depot for the respective resources to store more. A good mediocrity should be considered here, that you don't run the risk to reach the limits overnight and therefore don't produce any more resources.

Your Skills / The Skills

With the skills you build your own skills for buildings, ships, production etc.. With each Enhance/Upgrade of your skill by one more level, you can e.g. build a building on "every" planet. This means you skill your player account at the beginning of the game and enable him to build bigger and bigger buildings. For example, to build a Coal Mine on 2, you have to learn this skill first. At the Skills level, you then research the Coal Mine on 2 and can then build the Coal Mine on 2 at the Buildings level at your planet. It is important to know that your skills are account bound. That means, if you find a new planet, you can use your abilities directly and don't have to skill them again.

The way to the Explorer spaceship

To find new planets and build your colony, you need Explorer Spaceship. To be able to build this spaceship, you have to fulfill some requirements. You have to fulfill the following criteria to build an Explorer spaceship:

  • The skill for the Explorer ship on level 20
  • The Shipyard Skill at Level 13
  • Plus the Shipyard building on level 13 on your planet

image alt

Once you've done these things, you can build the Explorer ship on your Alpha Platen under Shipyard.

image alt

In the Galaxy view, you then select an unexplored area. These are the grey fields. The slightly brighter fields are currently being flown to by yourself and are a visual help.

image alt

In the following you press Next and complete your mission. Your ship is now on its way and should appear in your menu item "Missions". If your mission was successful, it will look like this:

image alt

And with a little luck you will find another planet that you can expand and build up your empire.

My experience to get quickly to the Explorer

When you start into the game, you will get a certain number of resources with which you can start directly.
image alt
Based on the resources, my recommendation is first and foremost to go to the expansion of the mines. Experience has shown that all the upgrades cost the most Coal - and you can see that the Coal Mine always has more than Ore or Copper and Uranium.
image alt

So for starters.

  • Coal Mine 4
  • Ore Mine 3
  • Copper Mine 2
  • Uranium Mine 1

I'd like to go. And extend these one after the other by 1 level if the necessary resources are available. By the way, I'm pulling up the shipyard and the base. Note that at the beginning as a new player you first upgrade the skill and then the building on the planet. If you have researched a skill, you can also follow the expansion of the planet directly.

At the start you have a basic production of resources that looks like this. You can see these values on your alpha planet at the point "Production".
image alt

If I can foresee that, based on the values I produce, that when I go to sleep and can't build anything anymore and my "Total Capacity" would overflow, I build a depot of the respective resource beforehand during the builds. Since it's very unlikely that someone will attack you and steal your resources at the beginning, it only makes sense to build up the storage facilities if necessary.

If I notice that I'm reaching my limits at the higher skill levels and at the higher building levels, I'll also expand the depot.

Research Skills

At the point Research Skills to boost the production, I will not pay attention at the beginning, because these are simply too expensive for the fast assembly.

The Explorer Ship Skills

That is then finally the Mammut task. In the basic skill 1 it is quite expensive for the beginning. My tip here is to first establish a rock-solid basis in raw material production.

The costs for the skill level 1 are as follows:
image alt
And if you now compare the costs for the skill levels with the costs for the buildings above, you can see that everything costs the most Coal.

This would be my first experience as a tester in the game and I hope that these tips will give you a solid start into the game.

PS: There are also premium items in the shop - you can buy them for Steem to get a resource boost to build buildings and skills faster.

I'm looking forward to your feedback and am curious if I can contribute my years of Ogame experience to this game.



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Thanks a lot for these explanations. I'm following them step by step :-)


sure thanks! but it's my strategy - you are able to mix it with your skills ;)

wish u all the best ingame


Thanks. I really want to get to the explorer ship as fast as possible ;-)

Thank you for this, just started now (I know, too late to the party). This is my kinda game, grinding with no end, epic :-)

Thanks for this, will help people get started.


Comment by mistake. Account not switched with private.


Hi Donchate,

This is Logic from steemcleaners. I'm sorry for bulging in here with my comment but I cannot find you in Discord or Steem Chat.

Could you please contact me in Discord?
My ID is #5419

Thanks a lot

En mi caso se me terminaron los recursos algo rápido no pude llegar a M3. quedé en el camino, cómo que la mejor estrategia es dedicarse al mineral de carbón, mineral, cobre y uranio primero, para luego invertir en los depósitos. Es mi opinión de novato.

En mi caso particular se me terminaron los recursos algo rápido no pude llegar a M3. Quedé en el camino. Al parecer la mejor estrategia es dedicarse al mineral de carbón, mineral, cobre y uranio primero, para luego invertir en los depósitos.
Es mi opinión de novato.

thanks for the explanations, i can not wait to have my explorer

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How long did it take you to get an explorer... seems like it will take a long time

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How long is depending on your Buildings. But it makes no sense let everybody explore the universe after a short time.


Nah that's fair. Was just wondering how long itd take before I start having fun (rather than just upgrading same buildings and skills)

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Thanks for the 411. Working it

Thanks for making this tutorial.
It was how I was already building up my base , but it lets me know I’m on the right track.

Have an awesome day!

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Oh great! I have not seen much of NC by now. Need to read this. Is resteemed to an my and other peoples list before payout. Steem on!


great! thanks for that <3

Hi @louis88, that guide was very helpful.
I'm new on this platform so I wanted to ask that can I earn steem playing this game.


hi, thanks for asking. i think later in the game it's possible to get rewarded for playing active the game. try to checkout @nextcolony blog for all the needed informations.

Edit: Check that out

That was what I am looking for. Now I know skill 1 in explorer is not enough for building ship and I need 13 shipyard.

Great guide Louis

Very cool. It definitely helped me

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Thanks! <3