How to Spy on your enemies and plan the attack with new Next Colony Map?

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I've had enhanced my Next Colony map [link] a little while playing with a game api. Now you can use the map not only to see how the universe look like, but to spy on your enemies and plan the attack!

I believe it is quite handy because you can simply enter your nickname, and then see your nearest neighbourhood. Quite possible that this is the place where you start your cosmos voyages. If you want to see further use < > buttons to travel the map.

While on the map, click the points on the chart to retrieve very powerful data. Your planets are marked black.

When you click the planet You can see data like:

Don't forget to hover the battleship image - it shows the fleet of the mission!

With this tool you can check if attacking is a good idea:

  • Victim has shield?
  • Victim has fleet to defend?
  • Bunker protection in %.
  • Resources ready to grab.

    When found a perfect planet to raid, you can jump to in-game map and make mission with a link:

    My ideas to develop further:
  • travel estimation to pointed place
  • changing view of your planets (when spread across whole universe, now algo shows your start planet area)
  • draw lines of the missions
  • clean the code to make more client side

    You can support my work if you wish ;)
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This is sooo cool! I love your map! :)


I need to add two more infos: shipyard lvl and last active :) For me it is most useful, maybe for others too.


I'm pretty sure it's useful to others, too.

Something different about this map is the shading for explored vs unexplored space. Love it.

That's a very good card.
It is very informative and practical.
I would like to thank you for your tip.
Thank you for sharing.