Most loyal Next Colony players - Longest activity in days

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Some places in the Universe are getting crowded [link]

Next Colony player base

You can make many different stats from the data I collect every day from Steem blockchain. Today I wanted to check who has the longest playing days streak in the game?

So a player who qualifies as most active player is a player that made any action during every coming day.

Made some data digging and the effect:


74 players were active every day!
64 players were not active only 1 day.
23 players were not active only 2 days.

So what we know now is that 2.4% players played every single day from the game start [3082 player base]! It is 5.4% of all active players recently [1375 day avg].

I use this data every day to compute this chart available online:


and other interesting game statistics here:

Let's get ready for fights which start on 8th June :)

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Great to find these numbers! Thank you for rising the awareness.

Hmm, it looks I'm the only one in my area that started explorations...

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now that that's out of the way...

hmmm... @raemblings has 40 consecutive days... wow... steady old me... but I'm actually puzzled how that secondary account has been more steady than the much more developed @googlyeyes...

I guess consecutive days with activity isn't saying too much as especially saving up for the command-center skill and long-range explorations will likely take more than a day under progress...


That's true :)

Soo.. what a coincidence that the highest number is 42

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Yes, the answer of every problem!

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What if.. not coincidence

Omg, nice statistics there, just noticed I've played for 41 days 😀

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Addict? :)


You spoke out my voice 😂

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nice one, can you tell me:

1 - What of the days I missed to play?
2 - Bot driven accounts are also in that statistic?



  1. I reset the counter after the day is missed, after quick look, you must have missed 19th day from the game start
  2. I use blockchain data, can not tell the difference between bot and human

Awesome and resourceful link. Thanks.