Kindergarten in nextcolony

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Seems @scriptioner, author of the nice tool Spycolony has been banned from NC discord over bullshit. He now disabled his tool, making it impossible to use it by overlaying a popup that can't be closed, mocking his users.

Given that this tool adds features that the game has not, makes me think about asking for a deal: @scriptioner, how much steem would you ask to open source that project you don't want to continue so that the community can take over hosting and development? That way, you would f** (ork) those who banned you and not your former users. ;-)
Think about it.

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Sure, if anyone wants it, I can sell him the SpyColony code.

As the STEEM value has dropped significantly, the price at the moment is 5000 STEEM. If the buyer would like me to update SpyColony on a regular basis (when new updates to the game or API come in), it would cost an additional 2500 STEEM per month.

For the amount of work I put into creating this tool - it's not a lot of tokens.

However, if there is no eager buyer - I will focus on my new projects unrelated to NextColony. Because the behavior of the creators of NextColony is a joke. And I'm not going to deal with them anymore.

Thanks for this post, cheers.

Well now that I have more background info and given what happened on your site (I read the comments in your defaced site source code), I find it childish at best. Either return the service to normal or return the funds you got from your campaign. It’s rickdiculous banning you in discord, but your reaction, too.
I don’t think for the price asked somebody will buy, also given the way you do „business“. A pity.

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lol... both sides of the story are equally ridiculous... pffft.

It's a real shame nextcolony doesn't get their act together though. The constant lag on the backend seems to be getting better lately but their native client still remains a nuisance. Gameplay seems rather stagnant, too... I had expected the Universe to be a bit more vibrant by now.

The fact that the makers of the game don't even treat their game's own lore with enough respect, settling on Earth and not developing on the story of the universe at all...

LOL... gawd it feels good to rant about the game. It's weird, in a way it's my favourite game on this blockchain but the un-playability with the client&backend-issues puts me into a weird state of cognitive dissonance there.


They are constantly working on the game, that I‘m certain. But they need to do more. Spycolony is up again. Do what‘s necessary to keep it that way. Hint: it’s html5+javascript ;-)

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yeah... it's not so much their tech stack as it is their interface and API-interaction design that makes things unplayable.

Don't get me wrong, I still love the game and I log in daily to get the basics done... it's just painful that it takes like half an hour just to send out a bunch of explorers and upgrade some buildings. And that's mainly just because every click waits for the API response and tries to load a new screen like three times for a single task.

I'm frequently ranting about this on their discord, too :P maybe I'll get the banhammer, too, one day :P

I would be willing to donate 10 Steem to the Opensourceing of SpyColony. I found it to be a useful tool. However the window on that offer is slowly closing as I get more experience using the jarunic BackEnd.