Brazil's media has overturned Neymar

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'Neymar has satisfied Brazil, but disturbs the world'. Brazil's local newspaper Globo made the title after Mexico lost to the quarter-finals. According to the reports made by Neymar's 'Kandakarkhana', some of the pictures have said so. According to them, 'Neymar's work was perfect but boring.'

Although at the moment the name of the world's most expensive player is Neymar, without any argument, the only superstar to survive in the World Cup after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo's departure.

Because of performance, he was the most important player in Monday's game. Even the team's 2-0 win is a great win.

Nonetheless, Neymar is still not very popular among neutral analysts.

However, his contribution to the team victory is remarkable. He showed the drill with the ball showing the place. Skil with speed, with the passage of intelligence, he created the field of the first goal on Monday evening.

But there was some displeasure and drama, though it may be a little effort to gain, many of which are considered inconsistent with the soccer values.

When Mexican legends Miguel Léon stepped in his ankle, Neymar started to rattle himself, as if he had been suffering from severe pain.

It attracted everyone's attention. His team mates, Mexican players, referees and assistants, officials and everyone were involved in this incident.

A German journalist, who was next to a BBC journalist in the press box, commented, "It is Neymar".

And this Neymar and Brazil will face Belgium in the last eight game on Friday. And the 26-year-old PSG has become the best player of the game.

That's why he had to face the question after coming to the interview, but the coach answered.

"They have trampled him. I saw him on the big screen."

Later Neymar told the questioner, "It is nothing but mischief to scold me."

He said, "I do not care about criticism or praise. After the last two matches, I did not talk to the press, because I did not want that."

"I just have to play, support team-mates and help the team."

But not everyone is watching it so easy.

"I'm embarrassed for Neymar," said Deon Dublin, former player of BBC Radio Fifth Avenue.

"He is one of the best players in the world, but he can not accept that he is in the ground."

He said to Neymar, "Come on youngman, you're a better player, come up and play."

Undoubtedly Neymar is one of the best players in the world. And to understand that, some of the information below is enough.

Neymar in the World Cup:

  • Twenty-three times, trying to take the shot, 12 goals were scored

  • Made the most opportunities (16)

  • Dribbling the most

Most of the times have been foul (23)

He scored his sixth goal in the World Cup with a goal against Mexico. And he scored 38 goals, but Messi took 67 and Ronaldo 74 shots.

Response to Neymar

The discussion with Neymar after the match with Mexico was a storm of criticism. There are about ten million followers in his instrument and after the game his post was like one million.

But after the 1-1 draw with Switzerland, the drama of the drama Gharagri has been shared on Twitter.

After winning the injury time against Costa Rica, Neymar had a lot to say about why she cried.

Is it free from stress? Or just the emotion?

After the 7-1 defeat to Germany on their own soil in the last World Cup, this year's quarter-finals are very emotional to many Brazilians. This time the team reached the quarter-finals.

Let's see what Neymar did in the next game.

Read more: Neymar plays 'drama'

Mexico defeated Neymar by one Dreams were not fulfilled in their last action. Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa gave Mexico one point in the Brazil World Cup. The fight of service was mainly in Neymar and Ochoa. Tomorrow, in the first leg of the champion, the keeper is blocked. But after the break, two rounds of digestion for the defenders and the organizers of the two-round World Cup farewell. Neymar has contributed two goals. This Brazilian Superstar has scored one goal. Then his contribution to the other goal. Neymar's performance in the field was also in Faul's case. So, in the next mixed district in the match, the Mexican keeper was asked about Neymar. But there is no word in this regard Ochoa in the Belgian league.

Stewart Xavier Hernández also refused to talk about Neymar When asked about Neymar's performance, his reply was, "For this reason the referee was there. The referee did his job. "Talking about Neymar in the press conference, Mixed Zone did not say anything. Mixed Zone is able to smile with the smile and the teammates.

But Neymar said in response to a complaint by the Mexican coach about her performance, "I do not play any role in the field. That's true. '

The new generation will not learn good from Neymar, who played the role of complainant Juan Carlos Ossario in Mexico.

Apart from Neymar's context, Ochoa expressed satisfaction with his performance. His statement, I am happy with my performance. But the parties could not win. I would say this rate is sad. Then he added, I love wearing it but it's wearing it

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