Tennessee Titans silence the hype train Cleveland Browns, 43-13

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The Titans went to Cleveland and defeated the new look Browns with relative ease.


After months of waiting it is so great that my Titans got this win! Most of the media straight up ignored any possibility of the Titans winning this game, like always. Put some respect on Tennessee's name!

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Quarterback Marcus Mariota finishes the day going 14/24, 248 yards passing, 3 TDs, 0 INTs. He also added 24 rushing yards on 3 attempts.

Running back Derrick Henry had himself a heck of a day. He had 19 carries for 84 yards (4.4 YPC) and a touchdown. He also had a tremendous and highly important screen pass that went for 75 yards and a touchdown. The offense had seriously great blocking on that play, Henry wasn't touched! He finished with 159 total yards and 2 touchdowns. HUGE.

Tight end Delanie Walker got injured in Week 1 last year, that injury kept him out the entire season. This Week 1 went much better for Delanie! He came back with a vengeance. He had 5 receptions for 55 yards and two touchdowns. I am so happy Delanie is back, he's one of the best in the game!

ROOKIE wide receiver A.J. Brown had a tremendous NFL debut! I loved his college tape and he played just like his highlights in college! He finished with 3 receptions and 100 yards! What a debut! I am excited that a rookie wide out for the Titans did so well, teams better worry!

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The DEFENSE of the Titans were the real MVP's.

The Titans defense finished the afternoon with three interceptions on Baker Mayfield. Safety Kevin Byard and cornerbacks Logan Ryan and Malcolm Butler all each had a pick. Butler had a pick-six!!!

The Titans defensive line is surprisingly improved, (at least after one game LOL) they were applying pressure all game on Baker. The Titans sacked Baker 5 times!! New OLB/DE Cameron Wake had himself an amazing Titans debut with 2.5 sacks and a safety!!! CB Logan Ryan had himself 1.5 sacks along with his interception I mentioned earlier! OLB Sharif Finch also had a sack.

The Titans dominated in nearly every aspect of the game starting at the end of the third quarter. Heck the Punter and Kicker played well too!

The Titans have the Indianapolis Colts next week for their home game debut of 2019. I sure hope the Titans don't get cocky after a dominant win vs the Browns and Luck's retirement.

For now I am going to be a fan and enjoy this win! There are only 16 games so I will enjoy every victory. GOOOOO Titans!!!! #titanup

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The Browns had penalties sure. Being disciplined is a part of football, there are rules. Don't follow the rules, and you lose. Play proper football. While some of the penalties were self inflicted, there were several holding and interference penalties. A lot of times those kind of penalties happen because a team can't cover or block their man so they are forced to commit penalties. That's what I have to say to anyone that wants to claim the penalties decided the game.

The Browns were only down by two late in the third quarter despite their penalties.


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Sweet Game! I love D. Walker, to me he's easy top 5 in the league. That guy catches balls like a WR. Good Start to the season!!


Such a great game! I was so sad when Cleveland scored on their first drive. Delanie Walker is my next Titans jersey I buy, only people that follow football know how good he is, casuals would be clueless, cool you give him props! Happy he played well since he was injured all last year. Thanks for the compliments towards my team! I just hope they keep it up! Colts up next.

I told u from the very beginning Titan will have fine season. Many pleasant surprises are yet to come in this season.


I really appreciate your optimism! I want my Titans to be successful so badly. I have a feeling there is a chance something special happens as well, it was such a great win today!

I was one of those who thought the Browns would win today. Titans winning by 30 points is SHOCKING. Even more so since the game was IN CLEVELAND. Browns hype machine got smashed in one game.


The Browns could still be good its still early in the season.

Im so happy my favorite team beat a team so hyped, since the Titans get overlooked frequently. The game was a bit closer than the score looks but it obviously did get out of hand very quickly for the Browns in the 4th quarter. The commentator opposite Tony Romo said it was disrespectful the Titans were dismissed as a threat since the Titans have had three straight winning seasons.

Its just one game for my Titans but its a sweet one. Im not declaring my team champions but its nice that my team proved a loooot of doubters wrong this week.

This is a good result and a great win for the Titans and i hope they will continue with this form on the next match . And hopefully they will perform better this season


I hope they continue it as well, 15 more stressful games to go! Hahaha i appreciate your positive comment!

This is really a horrific fall for Brown fans. From an early 6-0 to 43-13 final -- what an amazing game by Titans. Kudos to them.


Yes I was pretty scared and nervous when the Browns scored so quickly but I am happy the Titans remained calm. Thanks for giving the Titans credit, not many people do!


A truly spirited sports lover will definitely appreciate when someone wins. But here Titans should be complimented more as they were by large underestimated.


It was a very sweet victory for that reason, I can't wait until Sunday already!

Tennessee perfectly executed their defensive and offensive plan against browns and hence is the result in favour of Tennessee.

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Yes it was a very well played game by Tennessee I hope they can keep it up next week against the Colts

I was of the opinion that Brown could easily win this match before Sunday, but Sunday proved it wrong. How can it be 43-13? it is unbelievable.


I am happy my favorite team was able to shock so many people! It felt good to shock the fans!

I am really surprised by the margin(30 points) than anything else. Nonetheless, it was all a worth Sunday. Titans have definitely arrived!!!!


I appreciate you saying the Titans arrived but it was just one game, there are still 15 more to be played!


Yes, but I think they will rise on to the occasion. Let's hope they do well.

Not just it silenced the hype but also proved many analysts wrong. I hope this momentum will carried over to the upcoming matches.


Analysts are wrong often! Analysts are like you and me! I soooo hope that the Titans can stay consistent all year.