Think before you act

3년 전


I hear quite a lot of people say when questioned about something which didn’t turn out too good for them, “Well in retrospect perhaps I would have done things differently”. Perhaps you would, but My Friend, once the damage is done, it’s really too late to be thinking in retrospect about what you should or should not have done about something which apparently did not work out too good for you. What you should have done is to take the advice given in the title of today’s article. Yes indeed, you need to ‘Think Before You Act’….yes you do, at all times.

People who wish to succeed in life need to first and foremost set a series of specific goals and objectives for all areas of their life. Then they need to establish a ‘Plan of Action’ to achieve each one of their goals. When you think things out clearly and then having planned your work, you religiously work that plan; you will be successful and will minimize your mistakes so that you will not have to be saying over and over again, that in retrospect, looking backwards at what happened, you would have probably done things differently which would have brought much more successful events into your life, with fewer mistakes occurring.

Yes indeed, advanced planning is absolutely essential for all would be achievers if they wish to minimize their mistakes and capitalize on being consistently successful in all that they undertake each and every day. So set goals, make detailed plans to achieve these goals and believe me you will be very successful, whilst minimizing your mistakes.

• Think about it!

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