There are Some of Us


That don't like to spend so much time thinking about what to wear.

That barely care about nice wears when we have orphanage homes in almost all states.


That careless about gadget as long as the current ones are serving their purposes.

That can eat anything as long as it is not poison.

That have low affinity for movies, but we read almost any books.

That listen more than we can ever speak.

That neglect buying fancy things, rather, we channel the fund to help family, friends and strangers in need.

That dislike oppression and care for the oppressed.

That are scared to hurt anyone even when we are dying.

That are introverted, our thinking is so loud that we can barely hear outside talks.

That always look out for only good side of people.

That believe in knowledge sharing, we love people because of what they know, not because of how much they have.

If this is who you are or some of these resonate deep with you, it is important to say that you are not alone😊. I am your friend, we are colleagues in little world.

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