Steemfuse explodes into the market+ another 100 word horror story writing contest 10sbd to be won

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Hello steemians!

Screenshot (32).png
So quickly, I just wanna share with you all, a nifty new steem exchange service that just launched on the steemit platform.

Steemfuse is a platform that is founded on the steem blockchain, hence carrying its principles for non censorship and clarity in all operations, whose main goal is to facilitate an easier, safer, faster and more exciting way of exchanging steem, sbd, SMTs and any other future token/coin, for fiat, goods and services.

What all the thing I wrote up there basically means is that with steemfuse, you can use your sbd and steem for exchange of not only cash, but potentially goods and services.

For example you can possibly pay me for production, mixing and mastering on the steem blockchain using this service in the future.


you could use steemfuse to pay for things like the steemsilver coin, or recharge cards, or whatever youre able to sell/buy.

Perhaps the most interesting part of all this is that the project is being backed and run by a set f people that I personally trust, and dare I say, can vouch for.

Now im not gonna lie, as with all projects the success isnt in the now, but in the future , but for this project, I believe the futureis gonna be great.

steemfuse is a rather ingenious idea really, the brain child of @samstickkz. I consider it the first standard escrow service on steemit, connecting buyers and sellers.

What to expect

integration with the steem blockchain

The first thing youll notice is that if you have a steemit account, you do not need to sign up, you basically connect via steemconnect, which as many of you will recognize, is the same mechanism used by many other apps on the steem blockchain.

Screenshot (33).png

steem and sbd live price feed

THe one thing youll notice on the dashboard is a steem and sbd price feed, its real niffty and useful to know the price at which youre selling or buying your coins. In the future, with the addition of SMTs and other coins, its my belief that this will be transported to its own page where all the price of all the coins will be displayed.

All in all, I think steemfuse is something that is gonna be a part of our daily routine soon if we utilize it well.

The team behind it include @samstickkz @emmexdee @tojukaka and more

Use the link below to register now!


short Horror story writing contest
Here is another horror story writing contest, this time, 10SBD
So heres how its gonna go
In no more than 100 words, write, in the comment below, a sort horror story that blows the mind.

Something like in the above picture.

must be in the comments of this post
must upvote this post
must be totally awesome as an individual
must resteem.
ends next week Wednesday
Good luck and get scary!

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Thank you @destinysaid for the info about steemfuse.

However, i have a short story for the contest.

The Undiscovered.

I wish he could be as fast as the Cheetah,
As he rummaged through the Timberland,
He had gullibly embarked on the adventure, he went on searching for the undiscovered,
with miscreant book he fell in love with

He managed to survive the wrath of the viper,
with several bites and shift around his femur.


caught up with a sudden bite on his shoulder,
a grip on his neck and another bite on his chin,
all looking like the dripping,
But the blood-craving zombie wants Brain


His eyes got punched and the balls a dinner for the zombie


Total 100 words including the Title

The concept is great. I'm looking forward to see how this novel concept plays out

woooooow this is really a great innovation i. must tell you @destinysaid lets keep it fused on,
@samstickkz @emmexdee @tojukaka
i endorsed this really this is a smart move, in the future or now kindly tell me how to support this project with hyping it on Twitter and running a campaign for it with @project-atlas i really love this.


The fiction that became true

this is a fiction story that is not even true, how can it be true when its called a fiction story, those late nights stories we were told about witches flying with brooms, vampires and draculars, the blood sucking demons all this are fictions that only occur in our imaginations and movies,that's what every one said, its not real, until our ship got stuck on a forbidden Island near the Shores of India.

Sentinelese Island as it is called forbids non native indigenes to their Island, bows and arrows were the orders of the day, i saw them butchered my friends, i cried and was so scared, the moment came it was my turn to be eaten.

(some one tabbed me) my class teacher to get ready for the next lecture ☺
💀 💀 💀 💀


Duly noted bro.
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i have, before the Genesis project 😁 😁


haa i am already there thats what i mean i even reported a bug report on feedback 6hours ago


Well, the beliefs that the ghosts of our loved ones come to visit us even years after they are dead and that they usually come at night to eat the remnant of the food in the pot, hence the indispensability of leaving some foods in the pot after serving all living soul in the house became truer last year when I was alone at home after everyone traveled.

  • Could it be rat or a ghost? I discovered the rice in the pot wasn’t there anymore
  • The house becomes cold by 3.AM and normalizes again in no time...Weird!
  • Wow! I can't believe this!

    I checked out the Steemfuse and I'd definitely say it's amazing. I believe the guys behind it (I call them young bosses) would add more features to it later. Kudos to you bosses.

    My short horror story

    Last night, my house mate wasn't around. He had told me he wanted to see his sick mum.

    Then, I was home alone.

    It had just rained heavily. Everywhere was cold. I decided not to switch on the gen. It was a rural area, there was no light.

    But it was too dark, I couldn't sleep in darkness. So, I went to the backyard to switch on the generator. Could you believe what I saw? I saw a body covered with white clothes moved towards me.

    I ran till my housemate called me back to say he was playing prank.

    • total word count = 100

    Memorial park Girl

    During her lifetime, she had never really been to a memorial park. The nearest she came was holding her breath as the family station wagon drove by. Nor had she been to a graveyard. Nor a tomb, mausoleum, or grave.

    Be that as it may, she could recognize the distinction, both etymologically and verifiably, between every one of them. Her most loved stories were set in cemetery, Gothic accounts trickling with death and love and disaster.

    So despite the fact that she was incinerated, and her fiery debris spread out to ocean, relatively few individuals were astonished to discover her phantom frequenting the congregation burial ground close to her youth home.

    Here's my entry for the horror story contest.

    I woke up with a jolt! I heard something!. The room was pitch black as i struggled to look for my phone. In that moment i heard it again. "Awwuuuu!
    I checked the time and it was 1:00am. What the hell is that noise?
    I put on my torch light since the electricity was out and i looked around. Again it came, this time with the sound of cracking glass, " awwuuuu! krak! Krak!!. This time i heard it coming from the window. Or so I thought, until I heard it coming from the mirror, the ceiling and the kitchen.

    Horror Story Contest

    I covered myself with the blanket on the couch sweating profusely as I saw myself on the void cage of death 💀 💀 💀. I could see the ghost 👻 👻 👻 coming slowly. I couldn't looked at him because I was terrified but as I managed to open my eye I saw it's shadow come closer and closer like Chucky coming after its victims. In my head I heard the cry of people tormented, screaming and shouting for help like those who died from the blade of Sparta. Closer and closer I saw his shadow at my door post. I expected him to stab me because as for me I saw good as dead. When I finally gathered the courage to look if he gone, I saw it wasn't a ghost 👻 👻 but the shadow of my 8 month old brother who was still learning how to creep.

    ☺ ☺ ☺
    Hope you enjoyed it


    Haha.... I enjoyed it. I wish you success


    I was on my way back home from a friend's place which isn't far from mine in the middle of the night around 2am when i noticed i was being followed. I stopped to look behind me and i saw no one! Kept walking and i started hearing strange noises all of a sudden like windows cracking, wind blowing and them i started to run. All of a sudden the image appeared right in front of me, with blood dripping all over his mouths onto the floor. I tried to put my torch on but it wont come on, tried to scream but i couldnt. I was in real trouble now. Slowly it advanced towards me and stretch forth its hands and places them on my neck as it brought its mouth near my neck sniffing the life outta me.its bloodshot eyes shot right at mine and then he suddenly left me. I snatches myself from him and decides to run but it was then i realised there were others of his type around. Slowly i drifted to the floor accepting fate, one by one they came and sucked from me. And a young boy Stomach that was taken captive was being torn apart slowly with teeth and hands ,feeding on him raw, Until my eyes could no longer see anything, only feelings of the pain and blood smell which flowed all over the place..........


    I always longed to be a steemit-whale, even at the point when the whales in the community started disappearing, my determination never waned.
    I was almost always online, steeming; and last month I saw the jackpot comment.


    The rules seemed easy, in 3 days my payouts increased exponentially, I was finally becoming a whale.
    Soon, it was day 31, I was online and about to go live at #12:00am, I clicked on the link again.
    As I cursor blinked, I felt my legs stick together, I looked down to my legs.
    Alas, it had become a large, blue caudal-fin.
    Image Source

    I'm definitely looking forward to Steemfuse.
    The ability to buy recharge cards and data with steem or SBDs, is something I'd appreciate.

    Also, I got a quick question about the contest.

    1. Submissions end on Wednesday? (I can drop my story around Wednesday evening?).

    Future Ghosts

    Each occurrence of seeing one's appearance, particularly when alone, converges to shape a man's mindfulness. At the point when checked on in one's psyche, these little pictures play like a film at thirty casings for each second.

    For Hugh, this interpretation of himself had for a really long time been tinctured by an evil insincerity. He would not like to trust the individual confronting him in the mirror was genuinely himself. However, the more he confronted this phantom, the more its fiendishness saturated him.

    At the point when Hugh passed on, after a long existence of numerous offenses, his soul remained behind to frequent him through the reflections of his past

    I have upvoted and resteemed.

    My horror story

    One late night, John was driving down the void streets by the forested areas.
    He recognized a young lady sitting other than the street. He liberally offered his jacket and gave her a lift in his car.
    John succumbed to this delightful young lady.
    She requesting that he stop the car before a wonderful house.
    She ventured out, thought back, grinned at him and left.
    Later John backpedaled to a similar road.
    He found a house that was old and deserted.
    He asked a few neighbors.
    Nobody knew a young lady by that name.
    As though she never existed.

    Kudos to the team. The more, the merrier. I like the enthusiasm for the decentralised future. People who are sceptical or new from this side of the divide are getting apps that make it easier to exchange for local currency. I like the idea that you could also pay for services with it. The other day I was at a fast food joint and thought about paying with STEEM, then it struck me there are no such services in any eatery or fast food service here.


    The other day I was at a fast food joint and thought about paying with STEEM, then it struck me there are no such services in any eatery or fast food service here.

    I look forward to such reality @greenrun. And of course kudos to @samstickkz and his team for this initiative.


    That makes two of us :)

    Wow.. This is unique, for the fact that one can pay for goods and services not just cash.. Let me register Asap.

    So can you transfer fiat to snd from bank account with this?

    Steemfuse is already working @steepup account has already been verified,am there!!!

    This is awesome,wow I think this is another stepping stone on STEEMIT ,I must commend your effort and this involve in such nice work.

    I was wealthy, famous is an understatement to describe what i am, i owned houses and even estates, i owned cars, i cannot count the number of enterprises i have, i ruled the fashion world. Everybody loved me and i was always surrounded by people but nobody warned me that the third time wasn't going to be successful.
    I had three girls, the first two were always quiet but my third baby wont stop crying. I tried all i could to make her stop crying, i even visited her grave to apologize for using her for rituals.

    The cellphone

    Two or three months prior, my companion's cousin (a single parent) purchased another wireless. In the wake of a monotonous day of work, she returned home, set her telephone on the counter, and went watch to television; her child went to her and inquired as to whether he could play with her new telephone. She let him know not to call anybody or upset instant messages, and he concurred.

    At around 11:20, she was sleepy, so she chose to tuck her child in and go to bed. She strolled to his room and saw that he wasn't there. She at that point kept running over to her space to discover him thinking about her bed with the telephone in his grasp.

    Alleviated, she lifted her telephone move down from his hand to assess it. Perusing through it, she saw just minor changes, for example, another foundation, pennant, and so on., yet then she opened up her spared pictures. She started erasing the photos he had taken, until just a single new picture remained.

    When she first observed it, she was in dismay. It was her child mulling over her bed, however the photo was taken by another person above him... what's more, it demonstrated the left 50% of an elderly lady's face

    All i saw was red

    I registered with a little inn a couple of kilometers from Kiev. It is late. I am worn out. I tell lady at work area I need a room. She reveals to me room number and give key. "In any case, one all the more thing friend; there is one room without number and dependably bolt. Try not to try and look in there." I take key and go to space to rest. Night comes and I hear streaming of water. It originates from the room over. I can't rest so I open entryway. It is originating from live with no number. I beat on entryway. No reaction. I look in keyhole. I don't see anything with the exception of red. Water as yet streaming. I go down to front work area to gripe. "By the way who is in that room?" She take a gander at me and start to recount story. There was lady in there. Killed by her better half. Skin all white, with the exception of her eyes, which were red.

    I moved to my new apartment to clean with my friend. Seems like the previous owner was an artist because he papered every wall and ceiling, we set out to remove every paper and we found out there are names and dates hidden under those papers. In the evening after everything, I decided to check out those names on google and found out they're missing individuals with the missing date on google correlating with the ones on the wall.

    That night she shouted my name in a loud and usual voice down the hallway. "Hmm! it's 10:20pm" I mumbled " why is she shouting my name like that", walking very fast towards her. "What happened here?" she demanded in an angry voice.

    The blue rug carpet was covered with a pool of bloody foot prints. "i have no idea how those got here" I said, "I have been on my desk studying". The look on her face change from anger to confusion and then fear. This ofcourse we both realised meant someone else is in the house. Hmm! ...

    This is awesome.I love where this platform is going very soon people not on the platform may no longer be relevant.

    Here is my Horror story In a summary.

    Several years ago,i was walking through a path at night.It was the shortest route but not the safest route at night.The path was covered on each side by shade of gigantic trees.

    I left the main road to join the fear laden path.As I got to the middle I felt as if somebody was following me.So I intensified my steep all of a sudden I began to hum to scare off anyone be it demon or human.I continue that till i got to the other end brightly lighted that was when i got releaved.

    Resteemed, upvoted and word count is 100

    Upvoted and resteemed

    One More Breath

    It doesn't make a difference how extreme you are. There will dependably come the point where your body must choose the option to relax. Obviously you'll swallow a lungful of water. The body will respond and endeavor to remove the water.

    Your whipping will go up against an unmistakable furor when this happens. Presently a novice would frenzy and haul you out. In any case, tolerance, that is the key. Before long you will quiet and swallow more water by decision, content with your destiny.

    At exactly that point are you hauled out and discover that you may have acknowledged your passing, however you'll talk in any case.