introductory post

4년 전

good day steemians,i guess this is my official first post because is the post that tells who i am...
my name is chidiebere caminus obiyor from IMO State in Nigeria,a graduate of philosophy and currently serving Nigeria my father land in Anambra state.
i was introduced to steemit by a wonderful friend @dray91eu and being a human i was reluctant to join but i decided to give it a try and from what i have seen i am glad that i took the first step towards becoming a member of this great platform and i know that am in for the thrill of a lifetime.
i am looking forward to maximizing everything that this group and platform has to offer,i want to meet new people,make friends,interact and in the process gaining new knowledge and ideas.i always put in my best in anywhere i found my self and so i know that i will put in my best and give my all towards the growth and development of this platform.i am very happy to be here and i know that am in the right place.
i want to say a very big thank you to the founders of this platform and also to all steemians and especially those of us from Nigeria,lets make this platform the best and only the best.
thank you and God bless


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