A Nigerian Invents A Computer That Can Smell Explosives

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A Nigerian Inventor, OSHIORENOYA AGABI, based in Silicon-valley (California), USA, has invented a computer that can detect bombs through the smell of explosives, thereby aiding bomb detection.

Mr. Oshi Agabi unveiled a computer that is based on mice neurons and not on silicon, in Tanzania, at the T.E.D. Global Conference.

The system has been reportedly trained to be able to recognize the smell of explosives. The invention aims to replace the traditional airport visible security system, and will in turn allow people to just walk on to planes freely.

The amazing modem-sized system named Koniku Kore, is a system made from the combination of living neurons and silicon. It possesses sensors capable of detecting and recognizing smells and has the potential to provide a brain for future robots.

Some experts, have however said that making mass production of such a system would be challenging.

Companies like Google, Microsoft and all other big technological firms have over the years been rushing up the creation of artificial intelligence modelled and based on the human brain.

Although computers are much faster and better than the human brain at complex mathematical equations, there are however, many cognitive areas and functions wherein the human brain is much better. Also, training a computer system or device to be able to recognize smells would certainly require a gigantic amount of computational energy and power.

Mr Agabi reversed-engineered biology for the device, and accomplished the function with a fraction of the power it would normally take a silicon-based processor.

According to the inventor, Mr Agabi…

“Biology is technology. Bio is tech. Our deep learning networks are all copying the brain.”

The device is also able to detect illnesses in people, by sensing markers or signals of a disease from the air molecules that the particular patient release when exhaling.

Mr Agabi said…

“This device can live on a desk and we can keep them alive for a couple of months. We think that the processing power that is going to run the robots of the future will be synthetic biology-based and we are laying the foundations for that today.”

A prototype of the device was displayed at the TED Conference via a video, where it was taken out of the laboratory.

Mr Oshi Agabi’s company, Koniku, is a start-up company that has raised $1 million ((£800,000) in funding and was launched about a year ago.

According to him the company is now making profits in upwards of $10 million and its customers include pharmaceutical and aviation industries.

Prof John Donoghue of the Wyss Centre in Geneva, who has been at the forefront of the concept of allowing people with paralysis to use their brain waves to move limbs, stated that Mr Agabi’s idea and project was interesting.

Prof Donoghue says…

"Digital computers are fast and reliable but dumb, whereas neurons are slow but smart, but they are not so good in a little dish and the big problem will be keeping them alive and happy. That is going to be a big challenge."

When the inventor, Mr Oshi Agabi was asked by the BBC on his opinion of other scientists who are developing silicon chips to mimic the way neurons work, and which could prove to be more stable, Mr Agabi responded by saying that the idea of mimicking silicon is very complicated and hard, and he doesn’t believe it would scale through.

Mr Agabi stated that he is not convinced about such systems winning over his own tech.

Whatever the debate on the technology might be and its efficacy in terms of carrying out its functions, it is safe to say that a device that can help detect bombs and explosives through smell is going to be a game-changer. Such a device would help reduce the spate of terrorist bombings and targeted explosions by improving and taking security to the next level.

And the pristine honour of such an invention goes to a Nigerian, Mr Oshiorenoya Agabi, a brilliant mind spear-heading such advanced level of bio-engineering.

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Another Nigerian at the center of bio-technological revolution. Amazing times for the great people, and great nation of Nigeria.

As always, thank you for your time and for reading my post.

If you also have an opinion on the issue of bio-tech revolution, kindly have your say in the comments section below. I would definitely appreciate that.

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Wow! having a device that can detect explosives and one's sickness by a mere air coming from the patient's body is so amazing and mind-blowing. It's a good news to have such a great invention coming from a Nigerian, I am particularly excited by that. Congratulations Mr. Oshi Agabi


Truly, we are taking giants strides as individuals while representing the nation. And i'm ecstatic that technologically we aren't as behind as we used to be. We are gradually making head-way.
I'm always proud to come across efforts of sublime nature, executed by Nigerians.
It definitely shows that despite the negative assertions and perceptions other people might have about the country, there is still good in its people.


You can call that wizardly.

This is good news for the world's security industry and a major breakthrough for science and technology.

Ours is a world of dangers and uncertainties. Shootings, bombings, kidnappings and killings everywhere, everyday.

With this technological breakthrough, we should start witnessing reduced levels of vices.

Yet another trophy for Nigeria.

Thumbs up Agabi. Thumbs up Nigeria.


Very true @diskorvery. It can only portend well for global security if this technology is harnessed and its potential maximized to a global level.

Wow this is just epic!


It sure is, bro! Epic is the word!

Thanks for sharing this good news. It was an amazing invention that is very helpful.

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Will have to watch the TED talk, not sure exactly how this would be accomplished


Ok, let's see how it progresses!

This is awesomely unbelievable. Wow! Our own has made us proud.


Yes o! We keep taking giant strides out there.

Its always wonderful when I find out about Nigerians doing great things in the world. Hopefully people will find out about me soon


Its a wonderful feeling @lordmok. Despite all the negativity, a lot of Nigerians are still achieving excellence even at the global stage. And sure, you are on your way to the top as well.

This could come in very useful if it could act as a higher version of land mine tracker that is more sophisticated than what we have at the moment.


True.....any technology in such specialization would definitely go a long way to addressing issues such as the neglected and forgotten land mines, which has been claiming innocent lives as well.

Something different... In technology


Amazing.... Only we don't have such opportunity here in Nigeria the privileged ones travel out there to make us great. Thank you best time to be a Nigerian.


Yes o, @topsonjude ..... Its a sad trend. But hopefully, we would strive hard to progress past such trends.


Yea @geetasnani ....it is totally unique and different.

This is very impressive!


It truly is, buddy!

  ·  3년 전

Nice one!

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It is Good to see my country making wave in the World of Tech, this shows that african can raise up and competite with their counter parts over the world ...Government of Nigeria need to key into developing key research centers for Young brain like Mr. Oshi Agabi and co to develop their talents...Africa will be great...

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Congratulations and thank you for publishing a fascinating piece!

Nigerians are just too smart. I'm always happy when nigerians are making exploit. Thanks for sharing.


You're welcome buddy! And yes, Nigerians are damn smart and ingenious!