Faith Is My Assurance

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Hello everyone
@samiwhyte here

In recent time here in Nigeria, there have been series of noise on all social media and now it has even moved offline. The noise in question is the recent Assurance thing making the waves. There is barely anyone in Nigeria who haven't heard here about the assurance thing, even pastors.


The word assurance became the slang of the day after a popular Nigerian music star got a porche worth forty five million naira (N45,000,000) as birthday gift for his girl friend of five years, he also dropped a single for her titled : Assurance. The gift and song was to prove his love and commitment to her and to assure her of her place in his heart and life.

The deed of this music star soon top the chat on all social media sites, such as facebook, twitter, instagram... her in Nigeria, now everyone wants an assurance. Parents wants their kids to a assure them of their place in their life while kids also wants assurance from parents as well. The main group seeking assurance is the female folks, both singles and those in relationship, the singles are asking for assurance before considering proposers while those in relationship are seeking assurance to continue the relationship.


Where the heart of man is, is a sign of where is treasure will be, i have received several questions about my assurance too, so i have decided to voice my assurance. Assurance should not be in material things but in the things of God. Putting my hope and assurance on man and material things makes me venerable to the laws and happening of nature. Rather than seeking for assurance from man, it is wise to base your assurance on heavenly things like Faith which is sure and cannot disappoint or fail.


I'm @samiwhyte
The Propeller.

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Nice one sir, I agree with you that man's assurance shouldnt be based on what man has to give in response to love,trust,dedication etc rather it's should be focused on the essence of our existence to God and his sacrifice and fulfilment's in our life that more than every manly assurance we get, because at some point it will get wore out, outdated or valued less, so it is necessary for us to focus on God by believing in his assurance and also assuring him that we trust in him by Faith and love.

Wow!! What a lovely conclusion @samiwhyte. Every body wants assurance either from parents, children, or loved ones but the best thing in life is for someone to put is assurance in God. Only in God we can have hope, because our children, parents or loved ones can fail us. Even the person who bought #45,000,000 Porsche to show his assurance for his girlfriend can break her heart tomorrow or the girl receiving such gift as a prove can break up with that guy. But God can never break up you, even if you are a sinner, He still there for us.

Thanks for sharing with us @samiwhyte

excellent friend You have my support. I hope to count on your support to keep growing. regards


I do not understand
what do you mean by I have your support

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our belief is first only on the religion that we anut.kedua to both parents.Because every word of the parents as a good prayer for his son in the future.success is always a friend.