Hush! puppy - The Biggest dog in the hood was once a puppy

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At times, I laugh at life's scenarios and people generally when i see various things happening. Most of us tend to think that we can be God and drive away all the world's problems.

We can at least try to solve the world's problem, how? Everyone that is birthed is a solution to the world's problem that is why we have our individual differences, individual strengths and weaknesses. You'll be surprised to find out that some people can repair the tiny components of a wristwatch while some can repair the bigger components of an aeroplane or a ship. We are all unique in our various games and various circles.

As i was jogging this morning – my usual morning exercise, i notice a cute little puppy. The puppy was cute and fluffy and all.. I have this thing for puppies and dogs generally. The puppy in its stride, ran to meet its momma and stayed with her. The puppy did its "babyish" barking and its momma quickly hushed.

But i got a brilliant lesson from that,

A biggest dog in the hood was once a puppy.

The biggest men, biggest artiste or everyone big people you come across started as a "puppy". Therefore do not be afraid of being a "puppy" right now, keep growing at your pace. Do the needful, enjoy your growth.

And as for the big dogs! Hush, now! Don't overshadow the growing ones, allow them to grow while you're growing too. Remember you were once like them. In fact, help them to grow faster and better.

We can all grow together. The sky is big enough for all birds to fly.

What's up @dray91eu

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Thats a life of live and let live.Life is sweet when everyonebid given a chance to prove himself. This post is inspiring, newbies just need to work hard, soon they too will be gold fishes, not just dogs. @adore-eu


Thanks a lot! I really appreciate this.

I love this. You have done well bro, thanks for sharing.


Thanks a lot.

This post is very informative, well done @seunbobo. We have to dream high and start small, i believe once in a life time every body is a puppy, even Dangote of today was once a puppy. Life is a gradual process but we have to set a right goal with good strategies.


Yes i perfectly agree with you. Yes we can!!! Life is a step by step process.

That's so true. The sky's wide enough for all to spread their wings.
Everyone deserves the right to expression of their talents and innate abilities.


Nice one bro.. At first, when I saw hush puppy, I thought u wanted talking about one Dubai base, Nigeria boy that won't allow our Nigeria celebrity hear word


Lol... That's the suspense!

Great post. Keep it up

Hello @seunbobo
I am very happy that you understand this early stage as an exigent moment for the newbie, but being a phase, it will one day pass. The story will be sweet with the deals sealed, that is my prayer for you and everyone on steemit for good. Thank you for this wonderful post.