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Fear is nothing more than an interpretation of the facts that we have in our mind, for example, we can be afraid of an airplane without having never stepped on an airplane, just the fact of imagining a plane falling already we were apprehensive when getting into an airplane.

The curious thing about it all is that only a few times in life that we come across something really dangerous, most of the time it is imaginary. However, even though we consciously know that this fear is imaginary, it does not mean that it will save us from being afraid. boards-2040575_960_720.jpgImage source:pixabay.com That is why it is so important that we have the courage to face it, the interesting thing is that many believe that having courage is the same as not having fear, but in reality it is quite the opposite, courage is assigned to people who face challenges even possessing very scared.
Ever wondered what would be great artists, musicians, scientists, soccer players... if they had not faced the fear? Well, they would all be unknown, it is not so much that there is a phrase that says that fear is a prison without bars, imprisons even the most talented through their own mind.

Until my next post , I remain @zeuz .
Live above your fears.

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