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Each new school period that begins is full of joys, dreams and hopes, it means that another opportunity opens up to provide many knowledge, company, movement, education and new experiences.
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I remember when I was a child the thrill of each new school year, the smell of notebooks and new books, the box of colors, the joy of seeing my classmates, the expectation of the new teacher, the joy I felt that my parents would take me to my new classroom, really exciting.

As a teacher, I can say that each new school year is also loaded with many expectations: new students, new interests, new projects, new representatives, reunion with colleagues and I confess that it is still exciting for me to buy my supplies for each new period school.
Tomorrow, September 24, a new school year begins in my beloved country Nigeria in the midst of a great economic and moral crisis, families are no longer the same, in fact we do not know what we are going to achieve. The hyperinflation that is experienced has caused thousands of Nigerians to leave the country in search of better livelihood, there is talk of a significant percentage of teachers who have emigrated, most of the families have at least one of their members in immigrant status, what leaves many of our children in a situation of involuntary abandonment, but abandonment at last ... and have been left to grandparents or a close relative.

Sadly, we children have not been able to leave them out of this situation because they feel it in their stomachs when they are hungry and their parents do not have how to feed them properly, when they cry for mom or dad and they do not meet to hug them, since they are working in another country or when your feet hurt from walking with broken shoes. The specialists talk about an educational crisis, many children probably will not study this year because they will have to go out to work to support their families financially, the roles have changed.
One of the topics to be discussed this week of incorporation in the middle of this educational crisis is the departure of family and friends, and as teachers we must be prepared if our children hopefully bring at least a pencil and a notebook, however, and although the conditions are others, we as teachers must provide our children like every year joys, knowledge, experiences and dreams, how will we do it? With the love to educate and the dreams of each child, I know it will not be easy, but there are many of us who continue to bet on the education of our children, remember that education is the key that opens all doors.

God bless this new school year

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