Going over the Dlive AMA and some more thoughts about the project

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The CEO of Dlive decided to do an AMA on Dlive & Steem after the migration announcement. My internet was very weak at the time so I couldn't watch it and a few days later I noticed he had taken the vod down, apparently another user who streamed herself watching the stream had her vod taken down off dlive as well (or should I call it clive at this point) but luckily she had uploaded it to youtube before that happened and I was lucky to get to watch it.

I decided to check what went down and after he took it down my curiosity rose even more. So let's go through some of the questions he chose to answer so you guys don't have to watch this clusterfuck of an AMA. If you don't know what AMA stands for, it's "ask me anything" that started on Reddit way back. On Clive apparently its "ask the right questions or get banned from chat".

@allseeingewe starts out by saying that she isn't prepared for this stream at all but I think she is way more prepared than Kent is, I don't even understand how he thought this was a good idea with the lack of knowledge he seems to have about blockchains. Anyway let's go through this. If you want to watch the whole AMA then check out her video here and vote on her post here.

Anyway, I'll try writing down to my best ability what he says (he isn't making it easy to be clear about that) followed by my own opinion on the answers he gives.

He starts out by talking about video embedding feature and that it will be available soon. He goes on to say that he was very excited about announcing the migration and was hoping everyone would be just as enthusiastic about it and that he did not expect the massive feedback from the steem(it) community and even some "conspiracies" and that he has no idea why. Then he goes on to say that it is going to be amazing to be on the "new blockchain" and that the community that will follow them will be the first group of people on the new blockchain which apparently means a lot in his opinion.

I'm sure the 10 million Lino he received onto his account has something to do with his excitement.

In the next question he answers about curation and that everyone will be a curator on Lino because tipping will work as curation there.

Which is kinda funny considering Steem pretty much killed tipping and tipping has been considered to be a dying field on most platforms cause consumers don't want to get rid of money to tip their favorite streamers when they instead can locate the reward pool towards them and earn curation at the same time. Oh well. Let's see what is up next.

The next question is an interesting one asking if this migration was his plan all along and he starts off by saying that the Lino team have nothing to do with this and that it was a business decision. Dlive and Lino are two separate companies which are totally different. "Why people think is plan at all?" he asks by adding what they have done in the past 9 months on the Steem blockchain and that they have been doing better and better.

If you have followed the Dlive drama this far you're probably aware that the CEO of Dlive is affiliated with Lino developers as they've all gone to the same college. It's almost weird that he doesn't bring this up at all here and is baffled by people wondering if this was his plan all along.

In the next question he promotes the new DLive and that everyone should try the new UI and "infra" which I'm guessing means infrastructure and that the backend and stability of the whole site is going to be different.

5 minutes in he asks if the stream is awkward and if he should play some music, but decides to ask the audience if he should do some donations instead... ???

@cyberdemon531 asks where the value of Lino's tokens will come from compared to Steem. He starts off by saying that you will see it in the new Dlive and that Lino is not listed on any exchanges yet but that the team is probably working on that and that the value of the token comes from the community.

Someone asks if they can delete their data before the migration, he and team members of Dlive mention that its "opt in", if you want your data deleted you just do nothing or don't claim your account on the new Dlive.

Now this is really funny because I personally have not claimed my account on the new Dlive yet it exists there. Without any content uploaded but my following and followers intact and some weird transactions going on which you can find here: https://dlive.tv/acidyo if you click on "earnings" you will see donations going out from my account. Now that's weird, huh? :) For some reason they've also changed my profile pic as I don't remember using that one on the original Dlive. I do wonder what they have to say about this one.

Someone asks why the team is lying about decentralization which he responds with "if decentralization sacrifices user experience I would rather choose UX." Then he goes on to talk about how IPFS is not a good solution. Decentralization for him means the value content and 100% of the rewards go back to the community and that will be fully decentralized.

"Just like Steem and Dlive, Dlive is also a dapp on the Lino blockchain so if you have question about Lino's long-term plans go ask them, I have no idea".

Wait, what? How did he make a business decision for Dlive without knowing Lino's long-term plans? I... I have no words for this.

10 minutes in and @allseeingewe is banned from the chat. So much for decentralization.

Kent starts watching a random stream then reads up the question "why Dlive on the Lino blockchain, why not on both?" To this he responds with him not being sure about the question ... ??? and that he will move onto another one. Okay, lol. Someone from team Dlive should've ELI5'd the questions for him.

Someone asks if they planned this from the start and he replies with it never being planned and that they always wanted to do it on the Steem blockchain but that the problem first appeared after a certain growth of the project. The decision to the migration to the Lino blockchain is because they think it is a better platform and that its a simple solution. He doesn't want to comment on the pros and cons between the two blockchains, if you're interested then go to Lino and ask the difference between them.

Oh man this is getting ridiculous, so without even attempting to stream on their platform nor knowing the pros and cons and pointing to the Lino devs constantly for answers it still is a better business decision because they "think" that. Wow, I already feel sorry for the people wasting their time on there.

"Why should content producers continue to trust the platform if they don't (have knowledge of the chain)?"

(I just wanna say here its really hard to hear what questions he reads up and they are scattered all over the place so its hard to even find the original ones, please bear with me)

He starts off by saying that he wants to apologize to the Steem team that he didn't inform them in time but that this is a decision they've been thinking about for a long time. The migration idea came out in July, after he approached their team and discovered their solution for livestreaming video they feel its a better solution for us (Dlive).

"The reason we built this platform is because we think content creators should make more than currently on centralized streaming platforms."

This is funny considering they had 2 million delegated SP to curate with, rewarding streamers with $5-10 per stream even at times like these where Steem is at the bottom. Many of the people in the mod team had earned up to 3-5k SP during this time for curating and streaming (with many of them powering down right around July when they made the migration decision, might I add). If you know anything about centralized streaming platform like Twitch, I dare you to go ask streamers in the 5-30 viewer range how much they are earning, it will be nothing compared to what they have earned on Steem.

Someone asks why the migration date is on the 25th which is the exact date of Hardfork 20 and he responds with it being an accident. It was supposed to be on September 17th but due to some reasons it was delayed to this date. He also adds that the hardfork won't solve any of the problems of Steem.

It was a bit difficult to hear what he said here due to @allseeingewe talking at the same time and she was right, it is funny how unprepared for this he seems and it was probably a good decision to delete the vod right after, but you know the saying "once on the internet, always on the internet" :)

Talks about them working on a feature to let you go live directly from your phone instead of using OBS.

"Lino didn't do an ICO, they did a private sale. I don't care about Steem price I care about the growth of Dlive."

"Who are the designers and engineers of Dlive, I wanna meet them?"

"Next Dlive meetup will be in Turkey and "I'll show them to you guys during the meetup""

Hmm okay...

Someone asks why Lino is a better solution and how it would lower the cost of distribution.

"Lino blockchain provided a solution to cover the cost of infrastructure by providing it themselves as livestreaming has major monthly costs. Lino covered (covered? :)) (TTS message makes the rest of the sentence unhearable)

This could've easily been handled with beneficiary rewards, if they hadn't been so busy trying to steal users off of dtube.

"... the more you make the more you receive bonus rewards from the blockchain inflation pool" (couldn't catch everything there)

Skipping some questions here and there, apparently they don't even have a whitepaper out but you can request it by sending them an email? Hmmm.

"you will definitely make more on DLive, we are supporting everyone" (hopes and promises of making more money on Lino)

Alright so, I'm taking a break from this video right now as this is taking way more time than I anticipated and I wanted to get in some more thoughts of my own of what I think has gone down over over time with Dlive on Steem. If there is interest to have me go through the rest of the video (at 25 minutes in right now) for those who can't watch it themselves or want to read it instead, let me know in the comments and I'll take the time to do that another day.

General overview.

The CEO of Dlive sees an opportunity to create something that doesn't exist on Steem yet and receive support from Steemit inc during times with high price of Steem and a lot of attention to our blockchain. People are excited and not many question it, the CEO of Steemit gets in contact with them early and they have a working product quickly going on Steem. Things we don't know here but have suspicions of after recent news of affiliation of the CEO of Dlive with Lino developers is that they could've planned the migration from the beginning but needed time to get their blockchain funded and working while having one of the team members work on the first app on Steem. Although the CEO of Dlive invested in Steem himself and apparently paid from his own pocket for Dlive server costs it shouldn't surprise anyone that he got compensated by the Lino team in their own tokens (he seems to have 9.5 million of them after distributing some to Dlive team members on Lino - who knows what the total supply is since there is no whitepaper or how the project was funded since it's through a private sale).

It seems clear that members of the Dlive team were aware of the migration as early as July with many of them starting to power down during the same time but no one else knew about it due to it leading to the loss of the 2m SP delegation provided by Steemit inc.

Some of you may remember some controversies of Dlive early on with using authorities of Steem account to spam follow @dlive and another associated account. Come to think of it the "insider hack" that burned all of their voting power that one time could easily have been a publicity stunt considering a lot of votes went towards @haejin who at the time had a lot of attention towards his account.

The Lino network seems very private, there is not a lot of news about it except articles about the successful private sale of $20m, their own homepage and a Twitter account with obviously bought followers as you can see here:

Compare this to the old Steemit Twitter account and you will see what I mean by "obviously bought followers":

or the new one that has approximately the same amount of likes with a fraction of followers:

I wonder what Twitter thinks about such activities. :)

Anyway, having been in the Dlive Discord, the Dlive "friends" discord where they had Steemians with a lot of followers that received votes more often whether they were posting streams or videos (as they were attempting to steal users from dtube with their 0 beneficiary rewards) and having been on another chat platform where the CEO of Dlive resided but was literally never active it seems that the interest of being on Steem in the long run was never really there considering how he didn't connect with anyone. I'm sure most of the decisions and talks went on their own discord with team members and possible NDA's and/or contracts. :)

Even though some of us should've seen this coming, some maybe even warned us but we were too blind to see it due to this awesome project promising so much and seeming so invested into our platform that we just didn't want to. It does seem to me as if this was planned all along to just use the Steem platform + delegation to experiment with their streaming platform until it's ready and polished to them team back up with his college friends, receive a massive stake while at the same time putting down Steem as they will be directly competing versus each other as content producing blockchains. If you can even call Lino for a blockchain at this point.

The steps moving away from Steem are much clearer now, first making chats centralized and not through the blockchain even though they had access to info saying the 20sec limit was going to be reduced (in HF20) and creating a new following that was not connected to Steem.

As someone mentioned the 2m SP delegation has resulted in over $3m being rewarded to streamers since the start of Dlive and I have a feeling that once Lino hits the exchanges it will struggle a lot to distribute the same value over the next 9 months even in a bull market compared to the bear market that occurred since Dlive existed on Steem.

If you compare the $3m distribution to current centralized streaming platforms that rely on ad revenue, donations from viewers and subscriptions from viewers where the centralized party gets a cut all along the way I believe that the streamers on Steem have been rewarded handsomely compared to their viewercount which is understandable to be dropping in a bear market as activity and google trends of all cryptos go down proportionally to the hype that prices create.

People have asked me why feel so angry about what they did and why I don't just continue streaming on Dlive, I want to address that it feels even worse for me because compared to Dlive rewarding streamers at no cost (free delegation) I have been rewarding streamers with my own VP and delegation that is not completely free only to see many of them blindly trust this company that backstabbed a whole platform and follow them onto another blockchain.

I want to thank the streamers that are seeing through their motive and are sticking with Steem not just because of my efforts and the efforts of a few other bigger curators that joined in to support them, but because they may see what decentralization truly is about. Even if one project decides to screw everyone over you still have your Steem and Steem Power safe in your wallet and no one can take that away from you as the laws of mathematics are on your side.

Dlive tried to create a big rift in our streaming community and I am glad I have spent all this time streaming, curating and building relationships with other streamers and it seems to me at this time that the best ones are staying on the right path. Don't worry, we will create something just as great as Dlive if not better and more decentralized. It might even already be here through @vimm and/or @dtube streaming and I will try my best to continue to support these in the near future as streaming is becoming huge all over the world but it will become bigger on truly decentralized platforms.

I apologize for making this post so long, hope it has been worth the read, I'll try writing them in shorter parts in the near future. I had to take this time off of my vacation to get my thoughts and opinions about everything out there after having researched and read a lot of relevant posts. Shoutout to @meno for his detailed posts about this as well, make sure to follow and read his posts in case you haven't. I haven't been able to read too many posts about dlive, his and this AMA are a few of them so I might have missed some other important ones, feel free to link them to me in the comments. Thanks @allseeingewe for re-uploading the AMA after Dlive deleted it.

Feel free to discuss this in the comments, I will read all of them and try to respond to most. Thanks for reading.

Acidyo out.

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Wow, impressive overview, and thank you for writing it out since I'm a better reader then video consumer :-)

"Just like Steem and Dlive, Dlive is also a dapp on the Lino blockchain so if you have question about Lino's long-term plans go ask them, I have no idea".

This just shows (to me) that DLive really is just on Lino because some group of friends want to conquer the world instead of DLive making a real business decision about the move. It's honestly stupid to leave a working blockchain (although these past few days people seem to have a different opinion on that part :P) for something you don't know the future plans about.

I just translated the Steem Whitepaper from English to Dutch and so I reread the part about why tipping just doesn't work vs curating like Steem does. It's my favourite part of the Whitepaper and I'm sorry for DLive they didn't read it ;-)

Thank you for taking the time in sharing your comments, opinions, and view point. I don't have the huge audience on this platform at the present time. While I do a live broadcast on Wednesday Nights I greatly thank those that tune in... not all followers are actually on the blockchain! :) I am stepping up my game more now than before. Personally I felt shunned by the exit of the above mentioned platform. Like I was just tossed out like a baby with the bath water. I am definitely picking up my efforts with @vimm and @dtube as they have stepped up to make a great effort in supporting this community.
One thing I would like to say is if the above mention group did this to the STEEM Blockchain what's to say they would not do it to the LINO Blockchain. Business decisions are business decisions! I have my own business and reputation to protect. So I fortunately backed up all of my shows from being deleted!
It is time now to move forward and take this environment to the next level! Happy streaming everyone!

My DCR Tools (Stram labs for Steem) stays with Steem. I have already made the appropriate corrections and itworks 100% with Vimm.tv and d.tube. I invite the undecided to stay here and use it as before:


I'm glad that Dlive is doing competition for the Youtube monopoly, but as a cryptocurrency I do not like the lack of white paper. Is this a real blockchain at all? The distribution of LINO, its buying and donaiting - is more like BITS on Twitch. I do not like it, I have a strange feeling that it's a scum... but I hope I'm wrong.


Glad to hear this! Great work with the tools.


@zygibo, I'm so glad your tools are still working and that you made corrections in such a short time. I thank you for this! You da real steemian! <3

Yo, don't forget small curators also... As you said, I am so disappointed in some people that left STEEM Blockchain. The same blockchain that literally put their food on the table. I am disappointed once again in myself for trusting some people who I see now, are following (possible) money by bending a bit more.

It's funny, as soon as the upvotes stopped, a lot of people started chatting in discord server, sucking up to dlive team.

I just took a step back, ate my popcorn and watched the reactions of some people. And I am glad I did it. I saw a lot that I didn't see before.

Even tho DLive helped me on my Steemit journey A LOT: I met few great friends, I got my rep up a lot, got my SP up a lot, ... But, it was not a tiny fraction of time that I was thinking about leaving STEEM!! NO fucking WAY! I know that this is what Steem gave me through dlive, not vice versa.

Fuck, I am getting mad writing this so I am going to stop and thank you for being REAL - something that people forgot to be as soon as money comes around.

I hope to see you on vimm soon, the community is already doing great work...

First man, then businessman...

Edit: + you should tell them something seriously about your account there. It's just a awful way to try to motivate people there, as they are probably in dreams so thex need to keep them in that state of mind..

My heart sank when I saw the DLive news, but as time has gone on I have realised that I should not have been surprised.

Honestly though it is absolutely relieving to see how absolutely pwned they got by the community. Not only was there a massive backlash by the Steem and existing DLive community (which, it turns out, was far more Steem-oriented than I guess they believed? Imagine that), but within hours of the announcement everyone who was anyone had heard of the Steem-driven alternative, vimm.tv.

The thing about streaming is that it's not easily decentralised. Making streaming truly decentralised is something technology is simply not ready for. That made it easy for DLive to make a huge gamble and move to another platform. I'd say I wish them luck because they'll need it, but I don't, and I hope they fail.

I hope they fail as an example to any other app or "community" which tries to do this to Steem. Their failure will be a message to all "dapps" on Steem (until we have smart contracts that term is a real stretch to be honest)... and that message is:

You don't stay here because consensus forces you to. You stay here because the Steem community is directly subsidising the incentivisation of your userbase.

Without Steem, DLive is fucking nothing; if you do like they did, you too can be nothing . The choice is yours.


I like your post.
I can't vote it right now.
If I did that you'd get half of what it's worth,
and you're worth more than that.
Be back later.

I never managed to get OBS working, so never got onto dLive. I'd intended to, but was saved by my own incompetence.

I can't believe they've hijacked your name and content and are passing it off as if you've followed them to their fake blockchain. Is there anything you can do about that? I would be bothered by that.

Just an FYI on Twitter, the likes are those done by the page, not given to it. The discrepancy that really makes your point is between how many tweets they've sent out and how many followers they have. That's what shows they're FOS.

Long post, but a good one. Thanks for breaking down an AMA I have no intention of watching. Sounds painful to watch.


As creator of MSP Waves and Steemstar Network streaming networks, I have personally guided 30-40 show hosts and hostesses in the use of OBS with streaming services. Please message me on either discord or steem.chat (@sircork) and I will happily lend you a hand getting into a groove with it. I can literally take you through it step by step, as I have done for many before, who had never done any kind of streaming at all. Happy to help as a member of the @NobleWitness team which is all about helping content creators create whenever we can! Hope to hear from you as the service stabilizes this week and we all return to doing what we love most, making friends, making content and having fun on steem! In the meantime, I advise checking out vimm.tv which is the best steem based streaming option at this time.


Thanks so much! That's so generous of you. Are you on discord by the same name? I am.

It takes to me about 40 minute to read the whole post,but this is not waste of time. I read a lot of articles in about steem and dlive and of course this post. I know that steem will growth as a community with streamers on this blockchain. I don't think that centralized platform without whitepaper can be suceed. I am my heart with steem and streamers who will stream only here on the vimm or dtube. I will support only streams on steem, becuase i don't wanna be part of new dlive. I don't see the good future for the streamers on new blockchain with only tip without upvoting system. If you wanna good rewards stay on steem.

@Acidyo you maked good work with your post. I am truly happy that you demasked them for that what they done.

Now it's the time that we streamers should be here on steemit!
Don't get manipulated by happy stories from dlie, when you know the thruth.

I was totally unaware of all the things going on with DLive in terms of centralization, abuse of their delegation and their plans to go to Lino. Obviously it was their intention to keep the community in the dark, but regardless, I felt blindsided by the whole ordeal.

This really cleared up a lot of questions that I had Acidyo... Thanks for taking the time to transcribe and share your thoughts, I can tell it was a lot of work!

I'm glad that we now are rid of Clive and we can move forward. My hope is that DTube sort of picks up the torch of livestreaming and builds out the DTube framework to better support it. Would love to hear your thoughts on DTube and if they will be the ones to push forward with livestreaming or if you think someone else will try their hand at creating a true decentralized livestreaming platform for Steem? Thanks! 😊

p.s. I just spotted your tags for this post... Lol

Glad to see you address this. I was waiting to follow what you and @strawhat do as far as streaming goes. I know your interest is what is best for Steem and Steemit. I will just live stream from YouTube as it can be watched directly in the Steemit window without making users go to a different platform to view. So, please message me when you look more closely at our options.

I was also blindly in love with the platform and gifted to many as I felt my vote was not large enough to support too many users. I just hope many of those who received gifts from Steemit users and votes from Steemit supporters had the sense to stay with our platform and not go stream for valueless tokens on a system run by a scammer.

Awesome of you to take the time to write this post and let us know your thoughts even though you are on vacation. It was a great read and looking forward to the next one already!

Great post @acidyo ! Thank you for all of that informations ! I didn't know a lot of things about @dlive and now thanks to you i know more. I have read all of this post, i spent about 30/40min to read this but it paid off. I want you to know @vimm is obviously the best platform to stream on steemit right now, @dtube is good too. :) I am waiting for more such posts. Greetings.

lol, quite impressive how literally everything he says is bullshit.
I read the total supply of Lino is 100 billion though so to be fair 10 million probably won't be much.


It seems to be 10 billion, I doubt the 10mil is his total stake he got from it, probably just something to make it seem like he is tipping a lot when in reality it will be a drop in the bucket. :)

I have watched it a few days back and I don't get why people didn't find this one by @flauwy funny..

We are watching a stream of a stream watching another stream watching the second stream

Not the point, I know LOLOL

Now, let's get serious..

I actually don't get a lot of technical stuffs but emotionally, I pretty much feel the same way..

it feels even worse for me because compared to Dlive rewarding streamers at no cost (free delegation) I have been rewarding streamers with my own VP and delegation that is not completely free only to see many of them blindly trust this company that backstabbed a whole platform and follow them onto another blockchain.

Not that I have much sp and been curating others, of course! LOL though, I put so much effort, flew to the meet-up and actually felt bonded with the people. That was all sincere so when this happened.. Heart broke- felt the butterflies Also this is somehow morally wrong that's the reason I won't go along.

But you know, not much we could do about it. It's way far gone and we gotta continue. Last week I was totally not ok but now, I'm totally fine. Que Sera Sera..

The yellow blockchain will be a yay or a nay, TIME will tell.. Don't want it to go down hill either. I wish them the best. This feel hurt but I sure don't hate.

I gave Vimm a try the other day live streaming on phone.. didn't really work well or not at all, not sure as I couldn't watch it after I talked to the phone for the whole hour T^T - They don't store videos so.. still have to figure it out.

Wow, way beyond a commentbut that's becuase, yours was 16 MINS READ! ❤

Thank you bro, if you can be honest, you are one of the few people who made me want to make gaming content on this platform, before I did not have the direction, my post was messy, the theme changed now, and after seeing your account, the community that you developed, I finally strengthened my determination to focus on gaming content. thank you :)

wow... What a recap my man. love the use of Clive haha!

When I first heard dlive was leavin' steem I thought, "that doesn't sound very smart..." Then i did a little research about lino and also about dlive's 'plans' etc and thought, "this doesn't sound like a good plan either or that it's going to really fix the rewards issue bc tips don't work" lol.

I guess time will tell.

Good post Acid. Vimm is the future. I hope u will be back streaming/curating people on Vimm. Lets make Vimm greatest platform on the world!

@acidyo those are definitely bought followers on Twitter. lol I was dissappointed they left like that. I had stopped streaming every day over there awhile back. I know a guy at vimm who used to curate from DLive. I always wondered why he left because at the time everyone was getting huge votes. Maybe he saw they were shady?

Thanks for the in-depth look into this debacle acidyo. It's pretty ridiculous of them to expect any of us to believe that they are really trying to help their users.....with a tipping system.....when it is clearly about them just trying to put money in their own pockets.

I love how we accidentally forked early, then lost a major dapp, then fumbled the planned fork, all in one week; yet nobody I've spoken with has the slightest intention of leaving.
Great community. Best people. Smooth sailing from here on out ;)

  ·  2년 전

Only shows how invested people are in Steem ^^ Not just stake-wise, but also time, curation, projects etc. We just Steem on no matter what!

  ·  2년 전

It has me smiling too!! hahahaahaha

This may not be perfect, but its our freaking blockchain!


Hehe, if we survive this so easily, there's nothing we can't survive. :)



If I have a message to that CEO of DLive it is, "Do not bite the hands that fed you." He needs to learn more business ethics. He sounds like a man-child.

Thanks for the explanations, it's much easier to understand knowing that I can't understand English (forced to translate^^)
So if possible I'll take the rest of the video if you have time;)
For my part, Dlive allowed me to increase my SP so I'm quite happy, but it's clear that I wouldn't follow them on another platform...

As soon as I take over the streams I will use another platform on Steem.

This post came out great! Sorry it took me so long to come over here and comment. I was reading it when it first came out and then got distracted with some things and forgot to come back til just now. I'm glad to have been a part of it. Good work!

Thanks for the summary. DLive is outta there.

Like a ninja, Dlive snuck in, did what they came to do and tried to sneak out.

I learnt one internet abbrev AMA. Thx

My thought on your post.

I don't stream on steem.. I only write. But what they did was disrespectful.. I don't remember where i read how they got Ned's attention but after everything the platform gave to them to grow their project.. this act is wickedness of the highest order.
How can he say steem wasn't big enough to contain dlive? It's an insult! Look at @steem-ua for example; lots of flaws on rep, genuine steemian, bot, trolls and they came up with steem-ua to solve an issues. On the blockchain, problems are bound to happen and solutions are certain to come. What is the essence of growth & development?
Lino is a shit to me given how this saga played out.
I get your rant acidyo.. They got delegation for free and curated streamers generating $3M.. That's lots of money in this bear market time
Even you that has a large stake and as stated in your write up, you pay for your delegation.
Too sad, humans are unpredicted; my eyes are glued on vimm; I'm very positive they we be a blast. I know of dtube well.

You pointed out looks of truth on that interview. I will give it a watch.

An accurate summary. His appearance to be grilled by the members of steemspeak was equally abysmal, and @Chiren of Vimm.tv was the hero of the day. Long live Vimm, and it's articulate, thoughtful and steem committed team.

dDead can go die in a vacuum. We do not need them at all.

Oh wait, that appears to be exactly what they are sucking out and doing!


Lol.. My muse 😂
Dlive, now Ddead

just echoing what matt and memo said above. i love that we had all this drama plus the hardfork issues but people are still here. and even more fired up for the future.

great overview of the entire situation and i’m thankful for the steem community for sticking with things and supporting vimm and dtube.

so honored to be a part of this blockchain and clive won’t be missed.

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hahahaha, yo, you forgot to mention when he was fawning over and nearly crying at this Elon Musk motivational compilation right before the Q&A started. My god it was funny.


Haha wut, I must've missed that. :D

As someone mentioned the 2m SP delegation has resulted in over $3m being rewarded to streamers since the start of Dlive and I have a feeling that once Lino hits the exchanges it will struggle a lot to distribute the same value over the next 9 months even in a bull market compared to the bear market that occurred since Dlive existed on Steem.

Yep, no chance they will get even close imo.

Even if one project decides to screw everyone over you still have your Steem and Steem Power safe in your wallet and no one can take that away from you...

Even with this exit and the troubling times at present, there will be a solid core still here making this work.

Glad to see a lengthy blog!


same, it was really well done and was unaware they were migrating peoples works over w/out consent it should seem, so it's a good headsup since they issued a post saying they would not do that
I wonder in college if they did keg stands together O.o


I think the C fits for their next, next project too. Unts.

btw, will the real @acidyo please stand up for @exodus.

I watched the AMA and it was absolutely terrible. They have a standalone platform, no support and a shitcoin. I guess they are looking to hype it as the new you tube and then dump it hard.


Pump and dump. They might lure another 10mil in private investment.

This Dlive deal is nothing more of a backstab to the community in exchange for some of those 20m Lino got to create a new YouTube and I don't think this is a conspiracy theory at all, this has been on the works since at least March and there are a few post around showing how the creator of lino and the creator of dlive are school buddies.

This is nothing short of a Chinese buyout of the company and a backstab to the whole steem community... Now Vimm is rising to prominence and they promised that they would never leave the blockchain so I have my hopes there...

Nice work sitting thought that AMA and writing this up, they took it down because they know it was a mess.

  ·  2년 전

I'm a little mental at times and I was watching that video myself, the body language was telling a whole different story..

He basically contradicted himself with his body language, but regardless... Moving on, right?

Thanks for the shoutout Acid



Thanks for all the time you put into your posts, I've been on limited internet throughout the whole ordeal but found the time to read your post at least and it made things so much clearer!

Idk what else to bring up that you already didn't, other than how disgusted and betrayed I felt after seeing what they did and why they did it. Sad to see them go but, maybe it is better this way.

The streaming communty shall rise up again! @streamersunite!

There is no such thung as bad PR.
But we will see, how this pays out in the end for them.
I wonder, how many steemians will/did follow them.
Yes they hade some nice features on their app.
But I prefer staying here and play around with @vimm.
Here I have at least one or two viewers in my small gaming niche not covered by anyone:))

Kudos to you for taking your time and analyzing his video.

Onwards and upwards! I believe that everything happens for a reason, and this community will become STRONGER as a result. I’m not going anywhere, this is the best platform I’ve ever been on and I’m excited for the future 💪🏻

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Great write up Acid, thanks. Haven't checked out DLive ever since their announcement, thanks for bringing it up here.

It was a joke, even though HF 20 hasn't been so successful so far, DLive AMA is still a bigger joke here, terrible.

Very well written and explained blog man. We appreciate the thought and research that went into this. We'd admit streaming on @dtube is still in its infancy, we do appreciate the shout out and hope people do continue to support STEEM dapps.

went and checked they didn't migrate my vids over, lovely....bimbo world and fortnite binges, looks like diarrhea
@acidyo without your consent they did this? better call Saul :)


No not the content but they are using my username and following/follower statistics to donate Lino to eachother as if it is me doing it.


that's b.s.
in a big way
mic drop


I agree. . Steem is the future! Vimm <3


I agree!
Dlies says lies lies lies,
Steem going rise rise rise!


I agree, ofc...


I agree. We're here to stay on Steemit.


I agree. Fuck "D" Platform. We believe in only one blockchain. #RespectForSteem We choose Vimm, as the new platform for streamers.


i agree


i agree ! steemgc only for steemit !


All you said is very well said. I just think one information is wrong. Even if their followers were bought the number of likes displayed are the number of posts the profile liked and not the number of likes the profile got. But well that is not very relevant. It was just to alert You.

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Very nice post, I would just like to mention that you might be wrong about the bought followers though. The likes section on twitter shows the amount of tweets that user has liked, not the amount of likes they have received. However, the followers still seem bought, I just wanted to clarify that detail.

I haven't tried dtube's live streaming feature but the platform feels clunky compared to youtube and I don't like youtube that much. The fact they don't store your vids for longer and you can't choose between different qualities are major drawbacks I feel. A more polished product would be much more appealing.

Well it's just a HF nothing "special" :P
It's not like I will stop using site that I like because of a HF.

Dang the video is hard to follow, time will learn if Lino was a better choice.

We've gotten lots of evidences that they've been working together right from scratch.

This is @lino.network testing stuffs with @vily and @wilsonwei777

And here is @vily getting another test with @dlive

Screenshot (67).jpg

Hey bud, you seen this?
All they did was take the money (STEEM) and run if you ask me.


It was planned all along


for anyone who wondered we were the ones that called out Clive for not being Decentralized

this is all so crazy, just trying to keep enough popcorn in stock these days, i can hardly make enough

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I noticed on their Instagram a while back as well that they bought followers. But the interesting part was they had members on their team that worked at FB before and somehow they got verified with the swipe up feature...

Very well written.
You covered enough of the AMA that I won't be watching it.
It is nice to see some of the streemers that will be sticking around with steem, I grew fond of some of the users on DLive and will be sad to see some of them go.
I will say it was nice while it lasted, but it's simply time to just move on...never been a big dtube fan and will likely continue as such, but I think @vimm will be a great replacement for this loss to the community.

O’well!! Dtube’s gain!!

I disagree.

Wow, thanks for this! I appreciate all of the hard work that you put into making this public, and documented on the blockchain.

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It was fun i just wish they would have stayed

i was getting ready to do live streaming for my drawings, as i did it once , and then Dlive ..!... hahahah ,

Long, but it was an interesting read. I have always valued your opinions and "looked quite up to you." :D

yes you are right it is easy to buy followers but everyone knows his place even if they bought followers and bought even Dlive steem blockchain doesn't stop if some stupids leave it and forget what steem give them steem blockchain is full of the talented people.

Then i notice that you are interested in good content feel free to take a look at my blog then :).

Transferring to dtube