Through the Nobel token project- I am planning to pay school fees for some needy school children

3개월 전

There plenty of children who are from impoverished families that really need a helping hand in their academic journey. These kids are in a public school called East Kololo Primary school. These kids are required to pay 52000ugx ($14.054) as school fees for every term. They are many kids that need this support. I currently selected out only 4 that are in a very needy state for this support. I am in need of a total of $56.216 to execute this plan and bring a smile on these kids.

Dear steemians, Join the Nobel token project and impact the lives of the very many needy people in this nation and the rest of the world. How can you join this project initiative? Simply buy and stake some Nobel tokens from the steem engine. Use your staked tokens to support Charity initiatives that are posted on Steemit platform with the “Nobel” tag.

There is plenty of charitable work I have done through the Nobel token project that you can check out below:

Thanks to @achimmertens for the Nobel token project that is making a difference in the lives of very many needy people in this nation Uganda.

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