Learning Node.js - Progress Report

2년 전

It has been about a month since I started my Node.js experience. I have learned quite a bit, but would still rate myself a novice.

Image from https://nodejs.org/en/

To start, I took a few introduction to javascript courses. Just little freebies online to get used to JS syntax. That was boring and terrible!

Next, I took a look at a few introductions to express, vue, angular..... and probably a few others that I'm forgetting. This wasn't so much a learning experience as a brief overview of what the current environment looks like. Express appealed to me the most, and I may learn more about koa in the near future.

So, what do I have to show for myself? I took what I learned and started hacking away on a steem boilerplate from the great @sambillingham. At first, I was continually lost and spent a ton of time searching for answers to what, in hindsight, were very basic questions. The first few days was mostly me wrapping my head around asynchronous code execution. After two weeks of tapping away, the @dporn community accepted my submitted code as a starting point for their new nsfw video-sharing site. You can see it on https://dporn.co and https://staging.dporn.co

I don't think my work is anywhere near a complete product, but I am proud of how far I've come and look forward to going much further. Now that I'm comfortable with the node environment, I already see lots of places to improve how I did things in those first 2 weeks. It is even fun to work on! I love seeing something come to life.

If you're interested in joining me in this endeavor, hop into the DPorn Discord

Y'all have good

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Nice! I'm on a similar journey and also used sambillingham's boilerplate. I can't check out the site now since there's little kids around :)
I'd really like to dive into Vuejs. I like how clean and semantic it is.


Vue is cool! Doesn't appear to have as steep a learning curve as Angular (I thought I was going to start with angular, but woof). If I was planning to be the only one working on a project, I might go with Vue. Was afraid that starting with that would limit the number of people interested in jumping in. React wasn't chosen for the same reason :D

So cool that we're both jumping into this ocean! I hope you're having fun with it

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