Reviewhunt has a new name - Nomadtask

11개월 전


Since Reviewhunt was initiated in Feb 2020, it has become a renowned place in the crypto world with over 80,000 sign-ups. Now we believe that Reviewhunt can expand its target scope into a broader area.

From today, Reviewhunt has been rebranded into Nomadtask.

1. New brand name - Nomadtask

Nomadtask aims to become the biggest on-demand task marketplace for digital nomads all around the world. Living as a digital nomad - people who travel around the world and work remotely - is a widespread trend for younger generations, and we believe that it will become a more popular lifestyle. Nomadtask is a place where any person or company can work with 100,000+ professional digital nomads from 150+ countries to help them achieve their marketing goal.

2. New site address -

Nomadtask has a new website domain - The previous address ( will be redirected to the new address automatically, so you don’t need to worry about the links (eg: your referral link etc) that you have already posted in a variety of places.

3. Now you can target specific languages/countries.

The core value of Nomadtask is that anyone can easily target digital nomads all around the world. In order to provide this benefit, we added a new feature that lets makers target specific languages or countries when they create a task campaign. For example, you can target only English speakers and modify the list of countries you’re targeting as below.


Please check out Nomadtask now -

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Nomadtask -
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Love the new name!