One Drop


It's funny how things start with a little drop of water. Water nourishes the plants, animals, and humans too. All it takes is one drop of cold clear water to start a person on a path they had been searching for.

One conversation, had with good intentions, was all it took.

I am seeing people grow in extraordinary ways. Confidence is now shining through. Chances are being taken. The ongoing life story fabulous to watch.

A drop.

A start.

It grows.

It makes me so happy inside.

To see the magic happen before your very eyes. It makes your soul smile and wants to fly.

I'm not feeling well today. I'm hoping it's just the weather change. I wasn't going to do the Freewrite either. I went so far as to write @Inthenow and ask him if it would be alright. We started this together so it's only far to see what he had to say.

He was sweet and came back with an "okay."

We share many things in common so he knows when I am feeling bad.

Then I read his Freewrite for today "Another Day At The Office" and was blown away. Where he took the prompt was beyond anything I could have dreamed of. His story made me want to write.

When I am feeling like I am right now, the last thing I want to ever do is "Think." Yet, I found myself not wanting to let my friend down.

People can say what they want about The Daily Freewrite. So many times I have seen fantastic things happen when a person starts to write them on a daily basis.

It's a drop in a pond that everyone needs to start.

You never know where you will land.

This post was for today's Day 740: 5 Minute Freewrite

Day 8 @Inthenow 😹

Never ask someone to do something you are not willing to do!

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.



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Nicely done... for a day off!! And I am glad that you liked the post, so thanks for the push, seeing as how it's all your doing, ahahaha. :D

Yeah I can tell when you are not feeling well fasho, we're in the same boat pretty much. Gotta get over the weather hump and we'll be back in bidness before you know it. :D

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Or, a tub is filled one drop at a time. I like your philosophy of helping someone smile. But it may hurt! Just look at AFV. :)

Hope you feel better soon!

I just hope you better for the next day Thursday and that the discomfort has been temporary. Receive my affections @snook.

Freewriting is magical...and I have always thought so! Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well today. <3

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Hope you feel better soon!! Big hugs to you!!

And I am tired of people knocking the Freewrite. We have seen so many amazing writers getting their start here (you are one of them) and books published that wouldn't exist without. Part of the reason that I am staying away from a lot of things... don't want to hear the complainers...

Glad you were able to write something today after all. Yes, big things often start small. Hope you feel better soon!


Thank You! I finally made it to Mom's and slept all day. I was awake for 4 hours today LOLL

hoping tomorrow I am awake more and feel better :D