Quality talk about @BabsBoard garagesale Issue 8 - Kvalitets snakk om @BabsBoard garasjesalg Utgave 8

3년 전

We have too many reply´s at the garagesales. It is hard to find the things that people want to sell. Of course we have the solution. This new site to talk about the garagesale, the CashBack, the rules, the game, the lottery and so on.
Teleport to the garagesale

So now you must really remember this:

I will downvote everyone that do not respect this message, even if they have been Upvoted!
Of course you can have fun and write stuff in your comment when you bid or buy. But no comment without bid or buy in the garagesale site. This will be the best solution for everybody!

We also got an extra lottery for everybody now. It is called @GentleBot lottery. If you Do Not Upvote your own comment, maybe @GentleBot or @Thing-2 will Upvote you. That is how he works! Many of you can win this lottery in this post, just Do Not Upvote your own comment anymore!

Winners of the @GentleBot & @Thing-2 lottery in this post so far:

@Agdali - @Nahid11

Congratulation to all of you! - Continue to win more everybody!
Talk with each other, Upvote the winners and more people will win! It is truly what they call a Win-Win situation!

Start to talk with each other in any language you want, just remember:
Steemit is all about your high quality content. We had to learn it and so can you.

@BabsBoard - You can fix everything

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hello @babsboard
these rules I know by heart,
but it's nice to do a little reminder from time to time.
I hope everyone will become professional like you in this area
to overcome this kind of problem.
what impresses me is @gentelbot that he upvot me every time.

thank you so much for your efforts.


Congratulation @Agdali

You are the first one to win the @GentleBot lottery in GarageTalk!

Made by @Lighteye

Have a nice day, thanks for your viewpoits
@BabsBoard - We fix everything


hi @babsboard
thank you very much
I am very happy to have the @gentleboot upvote .
thanks again Sir, good day for you too.


Congratulations @agdali ! it's a special day for you with your wife @amalmez you were first visited by @gentlebot and also you got @everydaycoach's bots :)

I think you put good plants in these pots.

Best Regards @Redouanemez


hi @redouanemez
thank you soo much .


Dear friends, @Agdali I congratulate you that you participated in a wonderful contest and you won the first place where you won the Contest.


Hope you get amazing gifts from the stock Your day will start normally and you will be very happy when you know yourself as a winner.


I would like to congratulate you again.


Congratulations to you @agdail You're selected as a winner 🏆



Congratulations my dear you are the only winner of the @gentlebot lottery.
Happy for you 😉

Congratulations.... lot of....Sir....I hope People can do all things if they want to, but it is necessary to do the time to work and to be happy all the time. It can be a common man who can create a lot of great people in it. Living life, happy times By utilizing many things can be achieved in life that I think you are, and you wish to enjoy these happy moments throughout your lifetime. Be long living.......best of luck sir....thank you.💜💜💜 for you...


Dear...@babsboard ...
I hope you like this Rose.. this Rose specially for you.



Thank you so much all of you for support me....
Thanks a lot

This was a smart thing to tak on @Babsboard
This reminds me a little bit of the "friminutt" we used to have on the Steemit Academy.
Keep up the good work @Babsboard
Kindest regards

Each act, each decision, and each development creates new possibilities.


Thank you so much Dear @BabsBoard.
We all will follow the new rules & regulation on Garagesale.

Hi @babsboard!
A good job of refixing the rules.
As you already noticed, I tried to clear things up a lot of times especially the problem of lack of good reading of publications, and it still has not worked.
And this solution that you took, creating a post for the rules, can may be generate change,
Because we really needed your intervention.

It’s important to know that in order to succeed in a job and to allow for its continuity, it’s necessary to participate in the proper organization. and we are all concerned by this good organization not only the garagesale manager.

Best regards

We all love "@BabsBoard Garagesale" very much. @BabsBoard Garagesale gives me the opportunity to sale my product. And also Bid & purchase other participant's product too. This is the best place in the @Steemit. We all will do whatever it takes to maintain its quality.
From now i will write a Reply's at "@BabsBoard Garagesale" only when i BID or BUY.
Thank you so much @BabsBoard.

Hello Sir @Babsboard,

One of the most important secrets of success is to arrange things and get rid of impurities, and therefore I salute you sir for this right decision, because it will allow you and everyone to work here in a logical, comfortable and smooth, and we really need from time to time for such a reminder and The alarm to avoid all unintended error, Thank you so much Sir for your effort to make this place the coolest .

My respect @gagago

It's a nice improvement in the garagesale issues @babsboard! If you want us to help you in your cleaning work! Just tell us! We are all the time ready. The aesthetic of this space should not be lost because of irrelevant comments!


Yours faithfully

This is a good change, @babsboard! It was very difficult to see which comments were bid and which were just people talking, so now it will be a lot easier to find out how much the current bid it :)

Hi @babsboard!

This is a very good solution, I also noticed this problem of too many comments and sometimes useless comments that hide the things that people want to sell. I wanted to talk about this problem before and now I see that you have already thought about it and thank you for this place that you leave us to discuss.

I hope everyone respects these rules and good luck to everyone.

Best Regards @Redouanemez

I have something to say.Recently i am seeing that there is few comment's which is not about the sell or bidding.They are also getting upvote.If it continue then this will encourage this kinds of comments more.So @babsboard sir you have to be strict about this kinds of comment's.One more thing some participant are bidding highly from the words go.I think this is going to spoil the fun of bidding.I know if someone bid with a high price you can't do anything about it.Bidding is fun,so i want the fun back.Thank's to you @babsboard sir and @ramta sir for this new rule's.

It's really a very good decision. Now on it will be more easier to bid & buy & sale.
Thank you so much @BabsBoard for these new rules.

Amar sunar bangla ami tomay valobasi....
chirodin tomar akash tomar batas amar prane,
O ma amar prane bazay basi sunar bangla ami tomay valobasii.
o fagune tor amar bone ghrane pagol koreee.
Mori hay ,hayre oma fagune tor amer bone ghrane pagol koreee.
O ma ograne tor vora khete ki dekhechi ,ami ki dekhechi @babsboard taka denare fohinni?

I told something about this post in my own language.

Thank you @babsboard

I want to win @gentlebot lottery ,please tell me how he work on this post.
please help me @babsboard.
You are a peaceful person of steemit platform but why you flag more times?please came back and support whose mater i don'y know?


Hello @mim146!

It’s very simple, just write your comment with a good content and do not upvote your own comment, and if you're lucky, @Gentlebot will come and give you an upvote.
And I remind you that good content is the most important.

Best regards

Great decision dear @babsboard i think you can do it.have a nice holiday.

@babsBoard i have become fan of the posts you make , i yesterday made my first ever sale, really happy man...
I love the concept here, like do the sale with whatever you want,but make it big ...and here i am making a 25 SBD sale....
Really thanks for that....i guess if you make a sale of anything i will be the first to bid for the product....

I believe @garagesale ,I believe @Babsboard


Hello @obaidb2!
As you just read on the post, it's better don’t upvote your own comment, it's for your good because it allows @gentlebot or @thing-2 to upvote you.
I hope you have received my advice.
Have a nice day 🦋


Thanks buddy...i didnt knew that....


@ babsboard


i'm watching @tigerminus, did you see my other comment to you


Sorry ,I do not know about tigerminus.........



I am totally agree with you Dear @BabsBoard. Now on we all will follow the new rules.

wow perfect work this really a good change @babsboard :)
now it is easy to find quality content

Hello @babsboard I learned a lot about reading this post.....Garagesale is a excellent place where a great place to buy and payments SBD.....Then from your post.......
I think there is a lot of important information that is very important for us............It is a very good decision, I have been advised to give them their opinion in the comments.
Finally I can say that I really like your concept.... @babsboard

To me reply without bidding and discussion should be banned.Unless this will ruin the auction.So @babsboard and @ramta sir be a bit harsh about this.Thanks to @babsboard and @ramta sir.

Yea great dicision sir @babsboard..
Now on it will be more easier to bid & buy & sale.
I always following you ..You are great ma..
Respect Sir @babsboard

very good information @babsboard, this is very useful for everyone, and especially for myself. Speaking of bidding, sometimes it confuses me, because I do not really understand market politics, so I want to learn a lot about it all. I'm happy to follow your post, because a lot of new science that I get here. Thanks for sharing... :)

Hi Sir @Babsboard

Please sir, I have a question that has already been put forward by some members of Garage sale and the apparent that you did not pay attention to it because of the large number of comments and is a question of great importance because it is a security for the entitlement to win. Question about guesstimate contest is as follows:
Does anyone who puts his guess on the first day and who puts his guess in the final days of the competition have the same chances of winning? Note that guessing in the late days makes getting the correct guessing very easy because it is near to be closing time of the issue and the correct answer is clear and easy to guess.

I thank you again very much for giving us this space in this site to put our questions, ideas and other things so that the communication between us and you is clear and very fruitful.


until you reply to me, please accept my sincere appreciation and respect



Thank you @gagago for pointing to this question! But I think all poeple had put their guesstimates in the first day! And if someone put his guesstimate in the last days befor the payout of the related post I think the moderators @babsboard and @everydaycoach will decide about the validity of her/his guesstimate.And their decision is welcomed anyway.


Best regards

giphy (33).gif
Congratulation ,sir @babsboard

asole taka jinis ta boroi chahidar bepar ,agami kal bondhura mile vromon korte jabo tai takaw lagbe r apni to taka den nah tai alada buddi ber kore taka nite hosche.apni to akhon amar vasaw bujhtechen nah takaw paitechi etai to valo.apnader vasar cheye amader vasai valo . @gentlebot manus ta valo ache taai unar jonno dhonnobad r sala @ramta ekta bodmais taka to dey nah khali bas dey.sala taka dite na paro bas daw ken ?

Dear @babsboard

It's really amazing that @GentleBot & @Thing-2 upvote many command and i get this upvote lottary in many time.

this is really great idea @babsboard ..i like your cashback and lottery system i want bet sir .
can you help me sir @babsboard

giphy (32).gif

congratulation ,boss.......

Congratulation @Agdali for @Gentelbot lottery in Garage talk.........
I am very happy to win you this lottery.......
Congratulation 3.gif

(((((((((ami tumar sata thaktay chai....tumar onik valo bastay chai....tumi valo thako...sala taka debi kintu...thappor dea daf falai debo......)))))))))💜💘💜Congratulations .... a lot .... sir .... I hope people can do everything they want, but it can take time to work and be happy all the time. It can be a common man who can create many great people. Living life, using happy things, I think that you can achieve in your life, and you want to enjoy this delightful moment throughout your life. Live long ....... Good luck .....

Congratulations.... lot of....Sir..
Congratulation 2.gif

Excillent idea dear @babsboard.i am excited about @gentlebot lottery,i am so happy that i get a lottery of @gentlebot.Thank you so much for this opportunaties,sir i want to a membership of your group ,can i get any help ?

Congratulation @Agdali for @Gentelbot lottery in Garage talk.........
I am very happy to win you this lottery.......
Many more congratulations to you again...... @Agdali


Really perfect work and excellent dicision @babsboard

Respect of your good work sir

Always with you sir @babsboard

you are right @babsBoard sir.. i agree with you. & following new rules.we should follow the new rules. i love so much @babsboard Garagesale.
thank you..

@babsboard it's really great improvement. but @GentleBot & @Thing-2 does not upvote me. but I live in Bangladesh I don't know how to buy your products.how can i get your products??

Garage sales is a good place to buy and support with SBD payments ..
Emmp what ya want to sell !!
Maybe I'll wait to buy ..



It's really a very good decision. Now on it will be more easier to bid & buy & sale.
Thank you so much @BabsBoard for these new rules.It's really a very good decision. Now on it will be more easier to bid & buy & sale.
Thank you so much @BabsBoard for these new rules.



This song is really so nice.....

  ·  3년 전

Upvote 100%, good to know the rules for the auctions

Thanks for making Steemit fun again @ babs board

Great decision dear @babsboard i think you can do it.have a nice holiday.

This is a good change, @babsboard! It was very difficult to see which comments were bid and which were just people talking, so now it will be a lot easier to find out how much the current bid it