Something Abandoned Even in Paradise (part 2)


Part 1 if you missed it.

Continuing to explore the abandoned asphalt factory in Odda, Norway, we ventured to the second, and roof floor when discovering stairs outside.

This is how close the living houses are to this, and I still think how bizarre it is that such an abandoned place exists in the midst of a beautiful town in wealthy Norway.

At least the "artist" was self-conscious about the quality on this one, haha.

The second floor featured a lot of art, some better and some worse (like the one above, at the least the "artist" was self-conscious about his quality, haha).

Some poem, too.

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I love, love, love abandoned places! Awesome artwork in there too. And your photography, that's pretty excellent too. Or as we say in Finnish: ei pöllömpää. (ettei vaan kukaan ylpistyis). Especially the last photo is just spot on. :) Love the lens flare, the back light and the fact that you chose a vertical photo so we can see the stunning scenery there too.


Or as we say in Finnish: ei pöllömpää. (ettei vaan kukaan ylpistyis).

No älä ny, tuo nyt on vaan tommonen... (suomalainen vastaus).

Especially the last photo is just spot on. :) Love the lens flare, the back light and the fact that you chose a vertical photo so we can see the stunning scenery there too.

Thank you! It is one of my favorites, too, and no wonder you like it, knowing how much you love vertical photos ;)


I'm just wondering how people can take any other than vertical photos in a scenery like that? Swiss Alps also.

Norway seems like the place to be! I feel like everyone is visiting Norway, I see it all over my social media feeds and even though I've never been, I'm getting super obsessed about it because everyone keeps sharing awesome images from there. I salute you for showing something more from Norway than the fjords and glaciers, which are obviously insanely beautiful, but that is not what all of Norway is.


Yeah, Norway is pretty awesome. The scenery definitely is the main attraction there, however, I find the flipside equally interesting - like the Nazi occupation that was in Norway in Hitler's time. I knew pretty much nothing about it, school books never told anything about it, but in a technology museum (Teknisk Museum) in Oslo, I learned that the Nazis had big construction projects in Norway, roads (who knows, maybe the factory in Odda is from that era), railways, and were even planning on fortifying the whole Atlantic coast of Norway. There's bunch of other stuff too (in the museum): old music instruments, vehicles, computers, oil drilling and even stuff you can play by yourself. So if you ever wind up in Oslo, I highly recommend it!

Yeah, I love old abandoned buildings. Reminds me of a trip I took to an abandoned train station in the Pirinees before digital photos were a thing. I even got my hands on some of the paper photos when visiting my parents last month. Now I gotta make a post about it!

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Abandoned train station I have yet to see. Please do make a post about it!

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Thanks for your enthusiasm. Now I'll make one for certain.

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wonderful post, <sweden waves to norway :D
i do like when artsy peeps are

self-conscious about the quality

cityofneoxian brought me here
♡ 🐲ℒℴve 🐉♡


wonderful post, <sweden waves to norway :D

Oh, hejdå och tack so mycket :D

cityofneoxian brought me here

Oh that's really cool! Like I said in another post, it feels like Steemit reneissance - in the old days you had the chance to get to trending with the actual content, and now the same dynamic is being brought alive again within these communities! Good times on the Steem blockchain.


hejdå? tja det var ju lite sött ^^LOL

Yeah i agree, plus add the curation finace is growing to, outside the steemit platform ;) its going to be swell to see , how it workes out after HF21 !:D woop woop time to buckle up ;) :P