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Lately i have been involved in a lot of discussions about life, what is important, what is on focus in our minds. How do we solve different issues. And what do we appreciate with others in our life.

I have so far ended up with this thoughts.

  • I love being round positive people
  • I hat to focus on problems
  • I want to find solutions and see posibilities
  • I have learned to be better at making apologies when I do mistakes (Yes I admit that i make mistakes)
  • I know that every mistake I make is a life lesson on what I can change to do better next time.
  • I want to do more things with my life than my body/psych can handle.
    - I have to learn to handle this issue
  • I need to find out how I want to live the rest of my life. Yes many things is decided and in planning, other things I need to make a priority to focus on.

My wife showed me this video the other day, and this is something a lot of us need to be aware of.
By all means, this video is for everyone, not only those who will be getting married as stated in the opening of the video.

Do you have your life sorted out?
What is your priority?
What is important to you?
Do you have your dream life? dream job? dream partner?
How are your focus? Do you focus on problems or on solutions?
How much of the day do you have negative self talk
How much time do you spend talking with others about negative thoughts?

I will upvote those who give good comments to my questions!

Have a great day
Best regards @EveryDayCoach
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Hi @EveryDayCoach !

All that you said is very interesting but what he touched me is the sentence :

  • I know that every mistake I make is a life lesson on what I can change to do better next time.

In my opinion I think that the first thing we must put in mind to succeed in our life is to set a noble goal to achieve in life.

And in the hope of realizing our dreams we must live with love and belief.

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Really happy this heart if a couple understanding, really beautiful in view of the eye if a couple share with each other, and very romantic,

You might have listened that failure teaches success..
The more attempts you fail the closer you r to achieving your dream