The first post in Hive

So this is going to become the new (steem) social media platform/blog that is going to rule the www.
Looking forward to watch the evolution of this blockchains ecosystem. And how the community is going to game the chain, or how they will work towards preventing the chain to be gamed. Of course, it is almost impossible to have total control of how someone can game the chain for their own benefit.
I am far from an expert or have the knowledge of blockchain technology to say that, it is going to happen.
I just speak out of the knowledge I learned in, took me like one year to find out the best way to game the chain in my favor. And just sometime after that, they Forked the chain so it's supposed to prevent the big gaming that was going on with bid bots.

So what I am saying is; Looking forward to this -Hive Times- that is coming.
Glad to be in on the journey :)

Enjoy Hiveians

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