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Jeg tror det er : (In The Queue Again)


Hei @Momar

Du har nok ikke riktig, for jeg vil ha denne premien jeg!
Men jeg liker deg jo så det er klart du får stemme for forsøket.

Her er riktig video Momar!

Med vennlig hilsen
Den store premievinneren.


Hehehehe Tuller du Tommy? Da må dele premien 😂😂.


fantastisk dans

Ha! Dette blir vill gjetning! Men etter å ha gravd litt kom jeg over denne videoen:

Som matcher hintene i hvert fall. Og lyden kan matche etter standup introen.

Her er min beste gjettning for øyeblikket! (Krysser fingrene)

"@Verbal-D's "The Official Steemit Song" Feat. @Papa-Pepper & @EdgarStudio Music Video

Could it be this steemit promo video?!/v/gradzio/qq5cfgl4

Promo Steemit Inspiration :


That does sound like it kind of,somebody is going to win this soon!
So we have a couple of hints,

  1. steemit spelled out in the video
  2. steemit in the name of music video
  3. sounds like a gutar

Hello guys:-)
I belive I have missed out on something here if this was supposed to be easy. I have searched for a while now. but this not find anything that got me the feeling of having the correct answer:-) But a gues is better then nothing so:-
How about this:

Eit skot i mørkret er alt eg har å tilby her :)

Dette var virkelig ikke lett, den som klarer dette fortjener premien!
mitt forslag er @fyrstikkens "Little Steemit Show".

Thank you for this opportunity you give us to ask our questions,
What I can not understand now is when I receive my winnings (50% - 50%), the value of SBD is accurate but that of SP is very small to the value I expected!
Thank you for your clarifications on this point.


Yes, I too have noticed this problem since almost 20 days ago, I searched a lot but I have not found the answer yet for this question! I still hope we find why our gain in Steem Power is smaller than we expect.

Sounds like a sample from: Run Dmc/ Aerosmith: Walk this way.

du du du------

Jeg må begynne med elimineringsmetoden, og jeg starter med denne lekkerbisken:

Hmmm, er det ifra denne videoen?

Steem: A blockchain based social media platform


I put that on full screen,Cool video and sounds @joklahoma!


I like this kind whan I want to relax :)

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Its really nice post. It has a vision how to improve in steemit. Good post , thanks for sharing this.

Certainly it's a song from a promo video of steemit.