How to grow your own vegetables

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Hello everyone! Today the sun was shining and it's beginning to get warmer outside, so I decided to seed some vegetable seeds inside. I love growing plants, but not flowers and normal plants. vegetables are way more fun to grow yourself, because from one small seed you get tons of fresh and eatable vegetables without any pesticides. I'll show you how I do this and maybe you can learn from it, enjoy! :)This time I chose these types of vegetables.
What you have to begin with is of course to find out what you want to grow, and then find some soil. You need some pots, and they don't have to be big, we usually use small ones for the seeds to germinate in and when they grow bigger we change the pots.
When you're putting the seeds into the soil you should read what it says on the package because it tells you how far down in the soil you have to put them, and also what the germinating rate is, Because sometimes just a few seeds actually grow into plants. Because of this I usually put 3 or 4 seeds in one pot to make sure that some of them actually grows up.
When you have done this, gently cover the seeds with soil and don't push too hard on them. And now its just one step left, you have to water them. This must also be done gently. And now you should place the pots in a spot with a lot of light, like in the windowsill. To get the seeds to grow you have to be good at keeping the soil wet, and now you just have to be patient ;)
When the plants grow bigger you can of course place them outside, but here in Norway we usually have to keep exotic plants inside because of the cool summers.
And soon, it will look like this (Hopefully hehe)


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going to try some habanero my self this year. my rosmarine survived the winter and the oregano :)


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Cool! yeah I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Wow! What a well written post! I really enjoyed the text and the pictures. Thank you. Your post reminds me about all the joy hobby gardening brings. Good luck with your plants. It seems you have “green fingers”.


Thank you so much! And yeah hobby gardening is really fun :)

Hai torbjorns, I like you, my adress in Indonesia and you?

Gode idé. Si fra om du trenger tips. Gått på både drivhus å landbruks linje :)

Gøy å dyrke litt :D


Tusen takk! skal nok spørre om jeg lurer på noe ;)


Bare gøy det.

Men er jo ikke så vanskelig. Men å kjøpe en god flytende power-gjødsel kan være lurt. Bare sørg for det ikke er kjemikaler du ikke vil ha om det skal fordøyes i kroppen på en eller annen måte hva enn du skal dyrke :P

thanks also @torbjorns
I always upvote you.
maybe my upvote is not useful for legendary steemit ..
hehe :)