Last skiing trip of the year!

2년 전

Hello again! So I was recently on an amazing skiing trip to my cabin. I have written about this cabin before, and it's located high up in the mountains. That is also why we can still go skiing haha, where I live it is 14 degrees Celsius and sunny atm, so the contrast is big. However we decided to go skiing one last time before the summer.
Image 63.JPG
The way up to the cabin was as always though and difficult, but after a few hours we we're up, and it's the best feeling ever! The first night we just relaxed and played some games, we were all exhausted xD The next morning me and my sister starting building a snow cave as we do everytime we're up there, but this time the snow was perfect, no ice and easy to make large caves.
We finished our snow caves in one day, because the next day we were going to a lake where we could fish through the ice, and make some food on a bonfire. The trip was not long, since we knew we had a long way home the next day, but it was fun and we went sledding down a steep hill.
After spending three days, several hundreds of meters above the sea it was time to go home. We packed our backpacks and started skiing downhill, we had amazing weather the whole trip, so it was overall successful. And I have to admit that it is so nice to come home to spring :)


Thank you for reading this post, and I hope you enjoyed it, have a nice day! :)

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I love norwegians

Flott tur! Jammen er det mye snø igjen i fjellet enda.

Det ser helt fantastisk ut! Jeg merker jeg blir litt vemodig av at det er lenge til neste skitur når jeg ser slike flotte skibilder! :)