My trip to Lofoten, Norway part 1

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Hello everyone! I've decided to share some pictures and my experience from my trip to a place called Lofoten in Northern Norway. I was there for like 10 days last summer and I traveled with my family. We began our trip on a small island in the Norwegian sea called Røst and we ended up in a town called Leknes. I took alot of pictures there and since I love photographing I decided to share some of them with you guys. I decided to split this whole trip into several posts. On this post I'll talk about our first stop, Røst.
We decided to drive to lofoten so that we could use our own car and bring a lot of stuff with us. So we used two days to drive to Bodø which is a large city on the Norwegian mainland and from there we took a ferry over to Røst. The trip lasted for ever, but it was beautiful weather and we went outside all the time even if the sea was everything we could see haha.
( This is from the ferry leaving Bodø )
When we arrived at Røst it was very late, but still bright as day because of the midnight sun. We were met with fresh air and thousands of birds as the island is a well known place for nesting kittiwakes.
( This was pretty much the view from our hotel room haha)

The landscape on Røst is a bit different from the rest of Lofoten, because whereas Lofoten has fjords, tall mountains and beaches, Røst is just a couple of small stone islands with no tall mountains, but it was still pretty there! It was perfect for bicycling because of the flat landscape and we also visited several historical sites. enjoy the pictures :)


Next time I'll talk about the beautiful island Værøy! see you then! :)


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I liked the birds flying and these last three pictures,
really nice, keep the good work

You're a great photographer :D


I'm an mechanical engineer and my life dream was always to work in Norway and since I'm found of photography the jealousy is just bigger.
Great post, great photos! Keep up the good work!

Beautiful photography! When I was studying in Norway last year I did not visit the Lofoten, I regret that now! :P It looks amazing! :)

Nice photography!! Upvoted.

Oh Wow! Love all your pics and you got some great ones! I have never been out of the US so seeing the world through others eyes is great. Very nice post and upvoted!


Thank you so much! :)

It looks so peaceful there. I especially like that last shot...the panorama is really lovely. Norway has been on my list of places to visit for a while. Thanks for sharing!


Yeah it's really peaceful here! It's maybe not the cheapest place, but it was definitely worth it! :)


Good to know. The experience is what's important.

Amazing view, which you managed to capture on your great photos!

Wow! I can relate with these pictures because I visited Sweden in 2015. Maybe I will share my experience of 3 weeks and 2 days there.

Nice photos you got there.