My trip to Lofoten, Norway part 2

2년 전


Hello! In part 2 of this traveling series I'll talk about my trip to Værøy. The name Værøy actually means "Weather island". Værøy is a beautiful island farther north than Røst which I talked about last time. From Røst we took a new ferry over to Værøy, where we decided to stay for 3 nights because of the beautiful scenery.
When we arrived at Værøy there wasn't too many tourists and we were really happy for that. We still wanted to find a place outside of the small town to set up our tents. So we drove to the north side of the island and found a perfect place to set up our tents.
26733179_1545476095536172_1627991816_o (2).jpg
When we woke up the next day we just spent the day walking around and enjoying the nature. There was only a few more people there so we basically had the place for our self. The weather was amazing, just a bit cold, but it was fine.
The second night me and my sister decided to sleep outside of the tent to fall asleep watching the midnight sun. It was absolutely fantastic, buut a bit hard to fall a sleep when we just wanted to stare at the scenery haha.
The next days we went on several hikes, and again the landscape was stunning. We could walk for hours just enjoying every second of it. We even decided to take a bath in the arctic water ;) Enjoy the pictures!

Thank you for reading my post!


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What a beautiful place... big time... keep it up, Tor...
Greating from Brazil

WOW! Magisk sted - denne skal jeg notere meg. Kunne jo vært en plass i karibien - fantastiske strender. Upvote!!


Ja var helt fantastisk der!

  ·  2년 전

What time of year did you go and just how cold was the water??? Were you able to swim in it awhile?


We stayed there in the beginning of july and the water was ice cold so don't expect to swim there haha. Værøy is an island in the Norwegian sea so it rarely gets hot there.

The landscape there looks pretty immersed and it sure is great to visit a place when there`s no tourists kicking around haha!

Beautiful photos @torbjorns
Keep it going!

Herlige bilder! Ser ut som en fantastisk tur! :)